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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday December 27th, 2015 with Brittany Mathews & Gabrielle Fayant
Metis, The TRC Report and Reconciliation

On this show, hosts Brittany and Gabrielle discuss Metis involvement with the closing of the TRC report and reconciliation as well as explore contemporary and traditional styles of music that reflect Metis people.
I Am
Moe Clark - Within Canadian
New Women Song
Cris Derksen ft Jennifer Kreisburg - Ochestral Pow Wow Canadian
The Metis
Ray St Germain - N/A Canadian
Stumble and Fall
Sherry St Germain - Kick Out the Lights
Caribou Reel
Alicia Blore & Joanna Burt - LIVE Canadian
R&B Freestyle
Damien Escobar - N/A
Annie Baby
Will Belcourt - N/A Canadian
Sweet Music
Janet Panic - Most of What Follows is True Canadian
Joanna Burt
Kuyas (Louis Riel Opera)/Strong Woman's Song - LIVE Canadian