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Sunday December 13th, 2015 with Josh Lewis
Nishin Music - Hip Hop/Electronic

Aanii Boozho Kwey Kwey Wachay and the other ones. You are listening to a new show by Josh Lewis called Nishin Music or "Good Music". This first episode is focused on hip hop/electronic music and features artists from all over Turtle Island. I have also included a spotlight on a local indigenous hip hop and IMA nominated artist, Cody Coyote. You can listen or buy his music on his website Miigwetch for listening and stay tuned for my next episode on acoustic singer/songwriters.
Prayer Loop Song
Supaman - Youtube New
A Tribe Called Red - Suplex EP Canadian New
The People's Champ
A Tribe Called Red ft. HellnBack - Suplex EP Canadian New
Mic Jordan - RPMfm: The Last Stand Mixtape New
Sundance Year Round
Lyla June Johnson - RPMfm: The Last Stand Mixtape New
Thomas X - RPMfm: The Last Stand Mixtape New
Wabinokwey and Nano- Rock Your World
Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen ft. Lil Theland - North Wind Canadian New
The NorthStars - N'we Jinan Artists Canadian New
Prayers in a Song
Tall Paul - Singer New
Hit The Town
Cody Coyote ft White Deer and Adium - Single Canadian New
Cody Coyote - Lose Control EP Canadian New
Jadakiss ft. Anthony Hamilton - Kiss of Death
Lose Control
Cody Coyote - Lose Control EP Canadian New
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