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Over My Head
Sunday September 5th, 2021 with David Leibold
8:30 - selections from the album Speakeasy (1999) by Stavesacre

Holy Lord
Steve Bell - Symphony Sessions - Signpost Canadian
Traveling Mercies
Lost Dogs - Old Angel
As the Father Sent Me
Alana Levandoski - Behold I Make All Things New - Signpost Canadian
A Little While Longer
Sharlene Olson - Misfits & Moonbeams Canadian
Singing Bowl
Malcolm Guite - Songs & Sonnets - Signpost
By Faint Degrees
Glen Soderholm - By Faint Degrees Canadian
Love Came Down
Brooks Williams - Live From the Acoustic Stage - Silent Planet
Works of Love
Jan Krist - Curious - Silent Planet
Miracle Minded
Stonecastle - Miracle Minded - indie Canadian
Shine Your Light on Me
Natalie Bergman - MercyZ - Third Man
Love & Mystery
Strahan - Vulnerability
Murlough Bay
Iona w/ the All Souls Orchestra - Woven Cord - Forefront
You Are
Colin Bernard - Hold On Canadian
Babylon is Gonna Fall
Newworldson - Roots Revolution Canadian
Skip It
Spencer Capier - Plays Well With Others Canadian
The Incomprehensible Sleep
Cool Hand Luke - The Sleeping House - Lujo
Dry Bones
Robert Randolph and the Family Band - We Walk This Road - Warner/WMGreen
What Life Has
Denison Marrs - Then is the New Now - Floodgate
Five Iron Frenzy - Electric Boogaloo - Five Minute Walk
Manic Drive - Epic - Bema/Whiplash Canadian
The Art of Breaking
Thousand Foot Krutch - The Art of Breaking - Tooth and Nail Canadian
The Violet Burning - The Loudest Sound in My Heart
Stavesacre - Speakeasy - Tooth and Nail
Sundown Motel
Stavesacre - Speakeasy - Tooth and Nail
Keep Waiting
Stavesacre - Speakeasy - Tooth and Nail
Gold and Silver
Stavesacre - Speakeasy - Tooth and Nail
St. Eriksplan
Stavesacre - Speakeasy - Tooth and Nail
Stavesacre - Speakeasy - Tooth and Nail
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