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Over My Head
Sunday September 12th, 2021 with David Leibold
Over My Head has aired on CKCU-FM since September 1991 - this week is an observance of the show's 30th anniversary.

Memento Mori
Carolyn Arends - Recognition Canadian
Lorne Anderson, Nicholas Greco, Christine Jenkins discuss the early days of Over My Head and Song For You, and the beginnings of Christian radio. Several excerpts from this conversation will appear throughout today's show.
Intro / Waves
Rez Band - Twenty Years (live) - Grrr/Word/Ocean
Sunshine Down
Lost Dogs - Mutt
Laurie-Ann Copple sends greetings and shares memories of CKCU and OMH.
Psalm 121
Steve Bell - Waiting For Aidan - Signpost Canadian
Tony Copple sends greetings and shares memories of CKCU and OMH.
Moon and Mars
Rick Altizer - Neon Fixation
Requests from former OMH hosts, The Joel Guy and Jean Legault:
What the Morning Shows
The Dust of Men - What the Morning Shows
Never Forsaken
Michael Knott - Live in Nash-Vegas - Marathon
Nothing But the Blood
Jars of Clay w/ Blind Boys of Alabama - Redemption Songs
City on a Hill
Patsy Moore - Regarding the Human Condition - Warner Alliance
With a Shout
U2 - OctoberZ - Island
The Train
Level Heads - The Brainstorm Rock Collection - BAI Canadian
Violent Blue
Steve Taylor - Liver - Warner Alliance
Jacob Moon - Fascination
Final thoughts from Christine, Lorne and Nicholas.
The Brink
Bumblepuppy - An Evening at the Feelies - Bulletproof Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tony & Laurie-Ann Copple
This was a most enjoyable program Dave, and significant historically. We are listening later in the day having gone to Hillsong in Cape Town this morning (50 seats allowed in the church). We are loving the Zoom (?) discussions. Very impressed Lorne that you are working to aid the persecuted Church. I was a counsellor at Billy Graham '98 and invited L-A to come up from Toronto, which was the first time we ever met. I also had a press pass and wrote a piece for Fellowship Magazine I really liked Nick's comment that Over my Head can claim association with the forces that drive bands eg U2 to wards social and Christian objectives. Oh, and we did enjoy the historic station IDs.

3:23 PM, September 12th, 2021
CA Jenkins
David, I forgot to mention the show was nearly called With a Shout...

5:14 PM, September 13th, 2021