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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday June 16th, 2019 with David Leibold
A few Father's Day selections, then things get a bit random

Creator, Father
Cheryl Bear - Cheryl Bear - indie Canadian
Father's Arms
Daniel Amos - Shotgun Angel - Maranatha
Father's World
Gungor - A Creation Liturgy - Brash
Child of the King
Karla Adolphe - Live at the Space - indie Canadian
Father of Forgiveness
Neal Morse - One - Radiant/Metal Blade
Transistor Father
John Rydgren - Silhouette Segments - ...
Papa Danced on Olvera Street
Terry Scott Taylor - Avocado Faultline - Silent Planet
Freedom Road
Steve Bell - Where the Good Way Lies - Signpost Canadian
Long Way Down
Mark Heard - Satellite Sky - ...
Bad News on the Radio
Adam Again - Homeboys - KMG reissue
The True Believers
Phil Keaggy - (single) - Sparrow
The Undecided - The Undecided - Tooth and Nail Canadian
Born Again
Slav Simanic - Water of Life - indie Canadian
Interactive CKCU