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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday April 7th, 2019 with David Leibold
Rick Elias (1955-2019) - tribute with selections from his 2013 album Jōb

Great Rays
Stonecastle - MIracle Minded - indie Canadian
Burning Ember
Steve Bell - Burning Ember - Signpost Canadian
Harry Went to Heaven
Victoria Williams - This Moment in Toronto - Attic
To Tell Them
Rich Mullins - The World as Best as I Remembered It v2 - Reunion
In the Middle
Kathie Morrow - Oh My Soul - indie Canadian
Blue Highway
Danny Brooks & Lil' Miss Debi - This World is Not Your Friend - His House Canadian
When it All Came Down
Rick Elias - Jōb - indie
Rick Elias - Jōb - indie
Baby Hold On
Liz Vice - Save Me - indie
The Violet Burning - The Loudest Sound in My Heart - indie
The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
Mike Farris - Shine for all the People - Compass
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