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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday May 13th, 2018 with David Leibold
Wide variety of tunes today...

A Better Resurrection
Steve Bell - Where the Good Way Lies - Signpost Canadian
Angels Unawares
Malcolm Guite - Songs & Sonnets - Signpost
I Know What I Have Seen
Rescue Junction - ... - indie Canadian
The Resurrection of the Body
Steve Scott - Crossing the Boundaries - Glow
Mamma Wing
Karla Adolphe - Honeycomb Tombs - indie Canadian
Her Name is Rose
Martyn Joseph - Sanctuary - Pipe
Michael Bannerman - Losing Balance - indie Canadian
Oh My Soul
Kathie Morrow - Oh My Soul - indie Canadian
Prince of the Galaxies
Deliverance - Tightrope - Attic Canadian
I Walk the Line
Michael Roe - It's For You - Fools of the World / M8
Broken Ladders
Daniel Amos - Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits - KMG (reissue)
John Davis - John Davis - Rambler
Heavenly Places
Channelsurfers - Where I Wanna Be - Organic
Origins Matter
Salt of the Chief Cornerstone - Intelligent Design - indie Canadian
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