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Over My Head
Sunday September 11th, 2016 with Tony Copple
Further report from Mozambique

Worship music during Harvest School 24, and other praise to the Lord
How he loves us
Vegard & Eva - Live recording in Pemba
Sing my love
Jesus Culture - Your love never fails - Jesus Culture music
Hands up
Prosper & GPM - Love is the answer
Jah is the light
Tom Yellowstone - Le point de non retour Canadian
Testimony of our time in Harvest School 24 in Pemba. What it was like to be surrounded by people who have nothing - except their faith, and how we learned from them and from some of the best Christian teachers in the world. How our belief levels soared and our lives were changed forever.
Oh Lord, you're beautiful, and other music
Worship from Pemba - Live recording in Pemba
God only knows
Kate Miner - Making God Smile - Silent Planet
Come anything
Laila Biali & The Radiance Project - House of many rooms Canadian
Announcing a (free) concert by Lynda & Ernie Cox and the London Trio + on Fri 30 Sep at Sunnyside Wesleyan Church. This is in support of Good News Christian Ministries. See for details.
Ain't that love
Ernie Cox - One more time Canadian
Bless my family
The London Trio + - Our time of prayer and praise Canadian
Freedom fighter
Junkyard Poets - Rock pop roll Canadian
Delirious - Farewell Show - live in London - Furious
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