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Over My Head
Sunday August 28th, 2016 with David Leibold

Walk in the Light
Ernie Cox - Walk in the Light - indie Canadian
Child of the King
Karla Adolphe - Live at the Space - indie Canadian
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Jan Krist - Making God Smile - Silent Planet
Change the World
Trevor Dick Band - New World - indie Canadian
A Simple Stroll
John Rydgren - Silhouette Segments
Good Vibrations
Phil Keaggy - Making God Smile - Silent Planet
She is Fading
Vigilantes of Love - Summershine - Compass
Anchor & Braille - Songs For the Late Night Drive Home - Tooth and Nail
Summer Fade
Radial Angel - Summer Fade - indie
Hawk Nelson - Letters to the President - Tooth and Nail Canadian
Summer Dayz
Dayz Wage - Full Length Feature - Bird Seed Canadian
The Violet Burning - The Loudest Sound in My Heart - indie
Tiny Hands (Au Revoir)
Silent Planet - The Night God Slept - Solid State
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