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The Wavelength
Monday April 4th, 2022 with Joe Reilly
WEAR MASKS AT CONCERTS! Some new releases and music from artists coming to Ottawa to perform including Olafur Arnalds, Royal Canoe, Suzie Ungerleider and the Pack A.D.

NOTE: During the show tonight I talk about how angry I felt during a performance at the NAC last week, where quite a few people in attendance took off their masks when the lights dimmed and the show began. I was particularly angry at people in the front row who were breathing right at William Prince and his bandmates only a few metres away. These artists are working their lungs and cardio systems to sing and perform for us and therefore taking lots of deep breaths... breaths that may include COVID if people in the audience are infected. Keep your masks on at performances people - for the safety of those around you and the artists on stage. Here is an excellent piece in Pitchfork about how artists are begging audience members to keep masks on at their concerts, no matter what the protocols may be in the community. We open tonight with a beautiful, contemplative piece by Polish pianist and composer Hania Rani. She has issued the piece on Bandcamp and all proceeds from sales will go towards relief efforts in the Ukraine. Here is where you can purchase Hania Rani's beautiful piece Kyiv. Olafur Arnalds is in Ottawa on May 30th at the Algonquin Commons Theatre. Here is where you can get tickets for that concert. We also spin new tunes from Royal Canoe (in Ottawa at Club SAW on April 8th), loscil and Rival Consoles. Here is where you can find more information about Royal Canoe's concert on Friday, April 8th at Club SAW. Here is where you can purchase the new recording by loscil. We also play music by Suzie Ungerleider who is at the NAC this Thursday, April 7th and the Pack A.D., appearing at Club SAW on Saturday, April 9th. Here is where you can find more information and buy tickets to see Suzie Ungerleider on April 7th. And here is where you can find ticket information about the Pack A.D. concert at Club SAW on Saturday, April 9th. Get out and see some live music and support independent music in any way that you can. And if you go to a concert... keep your mask on to protect the artists who are performing and everyone around you. It's really not that difficult!
Hania Rani - Kyiv (single) New
Happiness Does Not Wait (2021 Version)
Ólafur Arnalds - Single
Royal Canoe - Sidelining Canadian
When I Wake Up Next To You
Royal Canoe - Vault (2011-2021) Canadian New
Royal Canoe - Vault (2011-2021) Canadian New
loscil - The Sails pt. 1 Canadian New
loscil - The Sails pt. 1 Canadian New
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Holly Cole - Temptation Canadian
Suzie Ungerleider - I Am Suzie Ungerleider Canadian
Flash Lights
Oh Susanna - A Girl In Teen City Canadian
Earthly Days
William Prince - Earthly Days Canadian
Penguin Cafe - A Matter of Life ... 2021 New
In The Meanwhile
Hania Rani - Kyiv (single) New
Vichnaya Pamyat
Hildur Guðnadóttir - Chernobyl
Ekki Múkk
Sigur Ros - Valtari
Loops 95
Scanner - Loops 95 New
Rival Consoles - Overflow New
Does It Feel Good
The Pack A.D. - Dollhouse Canadian
The Regulator
The Dream Syndicate - The Universe Inside
Interactive CKCU
I will never forgive #45 for killing John Prine & Charley Pride! ... & many, many more... One thing I've learned from Pandamn! Politicians can't run one!!! A pox on them!

10:09 PM, April 4th, 2022
oh, great list! Thanks for the work, Teach!;-)

10:10 PM, April 4th, 2022