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The Wavelength
Monday June 30th, 2014 with Allan B. Wigney
Joe Reilly

O Canada!
Les montagnards
Loiseau, E. - The Birth and Rise of the Recording Industry in Canada - Gala Canadian
In Canada
Snowden, B.J. - Songs in the Key of Z - Gammon
Travelled by Land
Bryson, Jim - Jim Bryson / The Occasionals - Upright Canadian
I am a Canadian
Diefenbaker, John G. - I am a Canadian - RCA Victor Canadian
Little Pirouettes
Tusks - Total Entertainment - Static Clang Canadian
Montenegro, Hugo - Sounds of Love - RCA Victor Canadian
Star Wars Scat
Blind Jimmy Leper - Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter OST - independent Canadian
La Bolduc '68
Fleurant, Marthe - La Bolduc "68" - Trans-Canada Canadian
Philemon Wright High School Senior and Stage Bands - 1978-1980 - Fantasy Sound Canadian
R.C.M.P. Concert Band - Music of the R.C.M.P. Concert Band - R.C.M.P. Canadian
Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
McGarrigle, Anna - 45 - Pacha Canadian
Par le chignon du cou
Soeurs Boulay - Le poids des confettis - DEP Canadian
Simms-Karp, Andrea - Sleeper - Canadian
Two Tenty Twos
Page, Chris - Kelp 15 - Kelp Canadian
On Canadianism
Lapierre, Laurier - The Most Celebrated Speeches of Sir Wilfrid Laurier - RCA Victor Canadian
Rusty Old Strings
Alguire, Trevor - Miles Away - Canadian
Don't Take Me Down
Comeau, Casey and the Halfmilers - Dancing LIke Bones - Canadian
The Log Driver's Song
Beattie, Mac - OVCMHOF The First Ten Years - Paugan Canadian
Parliament Hill
Walker, Angus - Canada's Prime Minister of Country Music - Cynda Canadian
Bonjour canadien
Carrière, Lucien - Bonjour canadien! - Saloon Canadian
The Rockin' Fiddle
Landry, Ned - 45 - Groove Canadian
C'était salement romantique
Coeur de Pirate - Coeur de Pirate - DEP Canadian
I Loved a Cowboy
Miles, Lynn - Slightly Haunted - Philo Canadian
Kespun Kesagehin
Conklin MInstrels - The Third World Sings - Beaver Canadian
Mighty Popo - Ga'kon'do - Tamba Music Canadian
Passe-Partout - Passe-Partout volume 5 - Select Canadian
Skeleton Jaw
Carolina Hum - n/a - Canadian New
Mr. Dressup - Mr. Dressup - Total Canadian
Hilotrons - At Least There's Commotion - Kelp Canadian
Esquires - 45 - Capitol Canadian
Mademoiselle Québec
Lepage, Jacques - Hommage å Mademoiselle Québec - Photo-Journal Canadian
Imagination Day Theme
Polka Dot Door - Songs from The Polka Dot Door - Berandol Canadian
She's Out of Sight
Flecton Big Sky - The Bright Side of Dying - Kelp Canadian
Have Not Been the Same
Slow - Against the Glass - Zulu Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Great show Alan - I'm glad you'll be doing some more. You played a song about Wayne Gretzky after Laurier LaPierre - it's not on the playlist.

10:08 AM, July 4th, 2014
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