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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday March 22nd, 2019 with Jo Roulston, Monique Fuller, Chris White, Allen Roulston
Protest Songs

A special 150 minute episode of the Friday Special Blend and A Luta Continua discussing the origin and history of protest songs.
7:00 BBC News
Talkin' Bout A Revolution
Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
The Times They Are A Changing
Finest Kind - Silks & Spices Canadian
Right Here In My Town
Ken Whiteley - Freedom Blues Canadian
The Revolution Starts ...
Steve Earle - Steve Earl
Don't Loose Your Park
Bob Snider - Caterwaul & Doggerel Canadian
Son of the Sun
Willie Dunn - The Vanity of Human Wishes Canadian
8:00 am BBC News
Bright Morning Stars
Lawrence University Viking Chorale - single
Strange Fruit
Billie Holiday - single
Universal Soldier
Buffy Sainte Marie - It's My Way Canadian