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Friday Special Blend
Friday July 14th, 2017 with Susan Johnston and Amanda Jetté Knox and Bob LeDrew
Wheel of mystery musical tracks, Paint Therapy, and Singer-Songwriter Camp unveils a new song

Young Novelists - Made us Strangers Canadian
I know you're sorry
Leonard Sumner - n/a Canadian
Jericho Now
Jory Nash - One Way Down Canadian
Jory Nash - One Way Down Canadian
Working for the Government
A Tribe Called Red - n/a Canadian
I ain't the girl
Lindi Ortega - Faded Gloryville Canadian
Old Man Grant - Old Man Grant Canadian
Randy-Joe Sidawi, Mary Marquardt and Elise Laviolette join us to talk about Paint Therapy on Parliament Hill. This event is organized by Art Therapy for Mental Illness and happens on July 23.
Canadian Skye
Spirit of the West - Hit Parade Canadian
Ottawa Singer-Songwriter Camp has been happening all week. We're joined by participants for a premiere of something that they've written this week, and by camp "counsellors".
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