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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday April 3rd, 2010 with Steve Kirkland

Apparently due to overheating in the master production studio, the station went "off the air" at least twice during the program, both times for relatively long stretches. Carleton University did not provide adequate temperature moderation to the premises to accommodate the summer-like conditions. As such, I can't be absolutely certain sure what was heard and what wasn't, but below is a list of everything that I was laying down... any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at
various throughout (musical bed)
JOAO ERBETTA - Guitar Bizarre Vol. 1 - Tratore, 2005
Shake It/Once Upon a Time
RICK DANKO - Rick Danko - Arista, 1977 Canadian
When She Begins
SOCIAL DISTORTION - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - Sony, 1992
Hit the Floor
the JOHN HENRYS - White Linen - Independent, 2010 Canadian New
There Ain't No Grave
JOHNNY CASH - There Ain't No Grave - American Recordings, 2010 New
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
BOB DYLAN - Blood on the Tracks - Columbia, 1974
I'm Leavin'
LINDA BANNON - 7-inch single/V.A.: Osford American Arkansas Masters - Ram, 1958
Divine Horseman
FLESHEATERS - 7-inch single - SST, 1987
Wipe Out
the ORIGINAL SINS - Out THere - Skyclad, 1992
Hearing Voices
GALAXIE 500 - THis is Our Music - Rough Trade, 1990
Hey Snow White
the NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - V.A.: Dark Was the Night - 4AD, 2009 Canadian
Youth Gone Bad
DCT - Uber Alles - Nefarious Productions, 2010 Canadian New
I Wanted Everything
RAMONES - Road to Ruin - Sire, 1978
Fountains (cover of the Nils)
SINKHOLE - V.A.: Scratches and Needles - Magwheel, 1998 Canadian
Shot By Both Sides
MAGAZINE - Real Life - Virgin, 1978
Freedom (cover of the Nils)
DOWN BY LAW - V.A.: Scratches and Needles - Magwheel, 1998 Canadian
Trippin' and Slippin'/Ezy Rider
LOVE - Love Lost - Sundazed, 2010, recorded in 1971 New
Range Life
PAVEMENT - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Matador, 1994
the XX - XX - XL, 2009
Growth Spurt
GENGHIS SMITH - V.A.: Stroke, the Songs of Chris Knox - Merge, 2010 New
Love Sickness
SIR MACK RICE - V.A.: Complete Stax Singles vol. 8 - Stax. 1968
Give Everybody Some
the BAR-KEYS - V.A.: Complete Stax Singles vol. 8 - Stax, 1968
Right Off
MILES DAVIS - Tribute to Jack Johnson - Columbia, 1970