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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday August 11th, 2012 with Heavy Friends Steve Kirkland and Ian Jeans
Lady Mary and Heavy Friends

Raga Desh (excerpt,musical bed throughout the show)
RAVI SHANKAR - Raga (Soundtrack) - 1971, Apple
Today is August 11, birthday of peoples famous or otherwise, including the following: Devo's Bob Mothersbaugh (58), producer Kenny Gamble (69), the Raspberries' Eric Carmen (63)...
Satisfaction (Rolling Stones cover)
DEVO - E-Z Listening - 1987, Ryko
Am I Black Enough For You
BILLY PAUL - 360 Degrees Of - 1972, Philadelphia International
Party's Over
the RASPBERRIES - Starting Over - 1974, Capitol
... and, passing away on this date in 1995 was Phil Harris -- born Wonga (yes, Wonga) Phillip Harris -- drummer, bandleader and the voice of some seminal Disney animated characters, including Baloo in The Jungle Book and Abraham Delacey Giussepe Casey Thomas O'Malley in The Aristocats
Everybody Wants to be a Cat
PHIL HARRIS - V.A.: the Aristocats (soundtrack) - 1970, DIsneyland
YOKO ONO - Fly - 1971, Apple
August 11, 1968 was the official launch date of Apple Records, the brainchild of Brian Epstein and propelled by the four guys in the band he managed... the label was home to them for band and solo material thereafter, along with singles and albums by a few dozen mostly obscure artists, some of them featured here...
Think About the Good Times
the IVEYS - Maybe Tomorrow - 1969, Apple
You Give Me Joy Joy
DORIS TROY - Doris Troy - 1970, Apple
Gypsy Wolf
ELEPHANT'S MEMORY - Elephant's Memory - 1972, Apple
BADFINGER - Ass - 1973, Apple
Silver Birch (comp Ralph McTell)
MARY HOPKIN - Earth Song Ocean Song - 1971, Apple
LON and DEREK VAN EATON - Lon and Derek Van Eaton - 1973, Apple
Hedy Lamarr, sultry Austria/Hungary-born Hollywood starlet,had a mathematical mind and an astute business sense -- on August 11, 1942 she registered a patent for "spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping", with the help of her friends and neighbour, avant-garde composer George Antheil. The essence of this telephionic technology is still in use today (e.g. bluetooths). Albeit somewhat loosely, the thread connecting all the tunes for the remainder of the show is: the telephone, old school...
Switchboard Susan
NICK LOWE - Labour of Lust - 1978, Columbia
Memphis, Tennessee (Chuck Berry cover)
BOBBY BARE - Memphis, Tennessee - 1973, RCA
Hanging on the Telephone
the NERVES - the Nerves ep - 1976, Nerves
Girl on the Phone
the JAM - Setting Sons - 1979, Polydor
the Telephone Always Rings
FUN BOY THREE - Fun Boy Three - 1982, Chrysalis
--- set break ---
--- set break --- - --- set break --- - --- set break ---
the Telephone Call
KRAFTWERK - 12-inch remix - 1987, Warner Bros
Flicking Your Switch
LADYTRON - Light & Magic - 2002, Emperor Norton
Telephone Thing
the FALL - Extricate - 1990, Phonogram
Telephone and Rubber Band
PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA - Penguin Cafe Orchestra - 1981, E.G.
Blazing Apostles
BE BOP DELUXE - Sunburst FInish - 1976, Harvest
--- set break ---
--- set break --- - --- set break --- - set break ---
Get off the Phone (new remix)
JOHNNY THUNDERS and the HEARTBREAKERS - 12-inch A-side - 1984, Jungle
Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper cover)
GUMBALL - V.A: Covers ep (double 7-inch) - 1991, Sub Pop
What's a Telephone Bill
BOOTSY COLLINS - hh.. the Name is Bootsy Baby - 1977, Warner Bros