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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday March 20th, 2010 with Steve Kirkland

Horn Crown Label (and others -- musical bed)
UI - Unlike Remixes Vol. 1 - Lunamoth, 1996
Spring Rain
the GO-BETWEENS - Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express - Beggars Banquet, 1986
Killing Dave
the MONOCHROME SET - Jack - Cherry Red, 1991
Stay, Dave
BOX ELDERS - Alice and Friends - Goner, 2009
Rebel (Toy Love cover)
the CHECKS - V.A.: Stroke - Songs of Chris Knox - Merge, 2010 New
Pop is Falling Apart
the SOCIAL ICONS - I'm There, You're Here - The Beautiful Music, 2010 Canadian New
the PAINTED WORD - Not Yet Saved - Vollwert, 2009
Alex Chilton died in New Orleans earlier this week, of an apparent heart attack at 59. His musical career spanned from mid-60's as a teenager in the Box Tops to playing in the revamped Big Star, a band whose heyday, albeit purely critical and seminal, was the 70's. His solo career was inconsistent thereafter, with flashes of briliance, but equal or greater parts personal difficulties or difficult personality leading to a sharp decline in creativity and focus... which didn't prevent lots of cool musicians from working with him as a producer or guitarist... someone whose earlier work still interests and entertains me... worth further research or listening for anyone unfamiliar with him -- if not in the artist then at least for his quintessential act as a true "cult figure"...
When My Baby's Beside Me
BIG STAR - # 1 Record - Ardent, 1972
You Get What You Deserve
BIG STAR - Radio CIty - Ardent, 1974
Blue Moon
BIG STAR - Third/Sister Lovers - PVC, 1978
Hook or Crook
ALEX CHILTON - Like Fles on Sherbet - Aura, 1979
No More the Moon Shines on Lorena (Carter Family cover)
ALEX CHILTON - Live in London - Aura, 1980
ALEX CHILTON - Feudalist Tarts - Bigtime, 1985
ALEX CHILTON - 12-inch B-side - New Rose, 1986
Dalai Lama
ALEX CHILTON - High Priest - New Rose, 1987
Let Your Daddy Ride
the GORIES - I Know You Fine But How You Doin'? - New Rose, 1990
Gene and Eddie (Billy Lee Riley cover)
the STRAY CATS - the Best Of - EMI, 1990
The Billy Lee Riley, Kenni Huskey and Caroline Herring tracks are included in The Oxford American magazine's 11th annual Southern Music edition -- a collection of 52 amazing songs on two CDs, with every single track accompanied by a bio/essay... no longer in general circulation but so good its worth contacting the publication directly to try and get a hold of one...
Baby Please Don't Go
BILLY LEE RILEY and the LITTLE GREEN MEN - 7-inch - Sun, 1958
Let's Have a Party (Jesse Mae Robinson cover)
LOU ANN BARTON - Read My Lips - Antone's, 1989
Wild Man Tamer
KENNI HUSKEY - 7-inch B-side - 1966
Sexy Music (instrumental version - CD re-issue bonus track)
MEAT PUPPETS - Huevos - SST, 1987
Satisfied Mind (Red Hayes/Jack Rhodes)
JOHNNY CASH - American Music VI - American Recordings, 2010 New
The Dozens
CAROLINE HERRING - Golden Apples of the Sun - Signature SOunds Recording, 2009
JOANNA NEWSOM - Have One On Me - Drag CIty, 2010 New
Black Water
WOLF PEOPLE - Tidings - Jagjaguwar. 2010 New
Fire Power
THESE NEW PURITANS - Hidden - Domino, 2010 New
Shake It
SUPPOSITORIES - Moments of Square Violence - Independent, 2008 Canadian
Human Torch
PORECELAIN FORHEAD - Right Now the World Needs a Clear Head 7-inch - Corpus Callosum, 1983
I Dig You
BOSS HOG - Boss Hog - Geffen, 1996
Smokin' to the Big "M"
HANSON (Junior Hanson) - Now Hear This - Manticore, 1973