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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday November 25th, 2023 with Steve Kirkland
the more things change, the more they change

It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Bob Dylan cover)
CAT POWER - Cat Power SIngs Dylan - The 1966 Royal ALbert Hall Concert - 2023, Domino New
The DEEP DARK WOODS - Changing Faces - 2021, Six Shooter Records Canadian
Crocky Hill Disaster
MICHAEL CHAPMAN - Savage Amusement - 1976, Decca
TERRY ALLEN & the PANHANDLE MYSTERY BAND - Bloodlines - 1983, Fate Records
For a Moment
EMMA ANDERSON - Pearlies - 2023, Sonic Cathedral Recordings New
A Cry for Help in a World Gone Mad (Agent Orange cover)
RICK WHITE - 20 Golden Hits of the 80s - 2023, self-released Canadian New
Explosions (instrumentals)
CITY of the SUN - Live at the Factory ep - 2023, self-released New
You Can't Please Everybodyy
The AINTS - Autocannabilism - 1992, Hot
No TIme
The GUESS WHO - 7-inch A-side - 1969, RCA Victor Canadian
1991 (Musical Bed)
FLORE LAURENTIENNE - Volume 1 - 2019, Costume Records Inc. Canadian
ROBERT BERRY, SIMON PHILLIPS, JERRY GOODMAN, JORDAN RUDESS, MARC BONILLA - Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tribute - 2022, Cleopatra, recorded in 1992
Somethin' You Got
SECOND HAND - Death May Be Your Santa Claus - 1971, Mushroom
No Time Toulouse Lautrec
MOTHER SUPERIOR - Lady Madonna - 1975, SMA
Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
ENO - 7-inch A-side - 1975, Island
Fid's Theme (instrumental)
The GRAPES of WRATH - Seems Like Fate 1984-1992 (compilation) - 1994, EMI Canada, recorded in 1988 Canadian
Twa Corbies (trad)
SPUD - The Happy Handful - 1975, Philips
Different Drum
MIKE NESMITH - And The Hits Just Keep On Comin' - 1972, RCA Victor
1991 (Musical Bed)
FLORE LAURENTIENNE - Volume 1 - 2019, Costume Records Inc. Canadian
In Bloom (Nirvana cover)
JONNY POLONSKY - 7-inch B-side - 1995, Rapid Releases
Pills (Bo DIddley cover)
NEW YORK DOLLS - New York Dolls - 1973, Mercury
Who the Hell Am I?`
NOBRO - Set Your Pussy Free - 2023, self-released Canadian New
Run, Run, Run (Velvet Underground cover)
The FEELIES - Some Kinda Love - Performing the Music of the Velvet Underground - 2023, Bar/None Records, recorded in 2018
It Was Probably Late Summer
SAN UL LIM - San Ul Lim - Dragon Records Korea, recorded in 1977
Tan real
The YELLOW MELODIES - Sunshine Pop - 2023, the beautiful music New
Honest Ken
JON LANGFORD and the MEN of GWENT - Lost on Land & Sea - 2023, Country Mile Records New
Toute Cette Faune
DON IDIOT - Don Idiot - 2019, WeWant2Wecord
Hold On (War Cjild mix)
SPIRITUALIZED - V.A.: Peace Songs - 2003, Sony/BMG
1991 (Musical Bed)
FLORE LAURENTIENNE - Volume 1 - 2019, Costume Records Inc.
Interactive CKCU
Good evening.

6:07 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Benoît, it is indeed a Good Evening... Thanks for tuning in!

6:09 PM, November 25th, 2023
Amazing the difference using "." and not "!" can make.

6:13 PM, November 25th, 2023
Man, The Guess Who! Canada had some decent bands in the end 60s and 70s!

6:40 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
(had to reboot the computer to gbet the playlist up again... did I miss anyone in the process?)

6:40 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
End of the 60s start of the 70s... my musical indoctrination phase...

6:41 PM, November 25th, 2023
Mine started a bit earlier: r n r (and other styles) on 50s radio, Elvis of course, then The Beatles, and all the rest. I got ALL the very best of the pop. And then, after a divorce, The Tragically Hip and others, end 80s, 90s, oughts...

6:45 PM, November 25th, 2023
(I didn't notice the playlist reboot.)

6:58 PM, November 25th, 2023
Grew up on army base. Not much influence tgere. Would tune in US am radio on the bounce on summer nights. Signal would fade and come back. Everything seemed so far away and exotic. Early 70's moved to city and a whole new world.

6:59 PM, November 25th, 2023
That Mother Superior title! hah!

7:01 PM, November 25th, 2023
markk: !!! Yeah, country (isolaled) army base to modern city -- classic rock in full flower, freeform rock waiting in the wings, etc. -- would have been quite the shocker!

7:03 PM, November 25th, 2023

7:04 PM, November 25th, 2023
Patched in.

7:07 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Glad to find myself in the company of a finer vintage of music aficionados, Benoît and mark... interesting stories both...

7:12 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Jeb! Feel free to share your back story...

7:14 PM, November 25th, 2023
Taking the show on the road, in the car: going up to Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield to hear Vanwho play (solo). Later!

7:17 PM, November 25th, 2023
It all started when I was given the 45s of School's Out and Battle of New Orleans.....that explains a lot.

7:18 PM, November 25th, 2023
I'll leave you with a last story. In probably 1992, on a very warm August or early September evening, I saw that Albert Collins was playing at The Penguin, on Elgin. Went. It was full, but not totally packed. He, he was struttin' his stuff, playing his (cordless) Tele, walking around and enjoying himself. At one point later on, he actually talked to me when he was walking (and I was standing, grinning like a fool); something like "I never learned all the chords, I mostly found how to bend the strings" he went, pretty well radiant. A great show it, open doors, warm and 'new orleans' summery... No bummer, but I thought about just how lucky I'd been, when he died about a year later.

7:26 PM, November 25th, 2023
"A great show it was..."

7:27 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thanks for the stories B, enjoy Kaffe 1870.

7:29 PM, November 25th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thanks for coming along for the ride...

7:53 PM, November 25th, 2023
Bad bar story, I was with Big Al in the 90s and saw Schooly D on Elgin street and someone got shot by a drive by just before we got there, it was a heavy show.

7:55 PM, November 25th, 2023
Listening on demand a bit later than usual and enjoyed the Emma Anderson and Tick White tracks but I'm not done Listening yet.

3:18 PM, November 29th, 2023
That should read Rick White and also really enjoyed the City Of The Sun instrumental but it seems to be hard to find a physical copy.

4:35 PM, November 29th, 2023