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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday May 20th, 2023 with Steve Kirkland

CALIFONE - Villagers - 2023, Jealous Butcher Records New
No Other
GENE CLARK - No Other - 1974, Asylum
Magog at the Maypole
HYPNOPAZŪZU - Create Christ, Sailor Boy - 2016, House of Mythology
No Price for Love
COLIN LINDEN - When the Spirit Comes - 1988, A&M Canadian
The Last Mile
SLEEPEATERS - V.A.: From the House of Lords - 1987, Bam-Caruso
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE - Moonshot - 1972, Vanguard Canadian
You Can Be My LSD
MAGIC MUSHROOM BAND - Eyes of the Angel - 1989, Aftermath Records
The Edge
BOX OF FROGS (w RORY GALLAGHER) - Box of Frogs - 1984, Epic
Rock'n'Roll Song
VALDY - See How the Years Have Gone By - 1975, A&M Canadian
Le Feu (Musical Bed)
CINEPHONIC - Visions - 2023, Marlow Records Canadian New
Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie cover)
DUBBY STARDUST - Spaced Oddity - 2023, Echo Beach New
Avante Gardeing
NEW AGE STEPPERS - Avant Gardening - 2021, OnU Sound, recorded in 1980
Soap Drugs Grinding
SHALABI EFFECT - Friends of the Prophet 6 - 2021, Unrock Canadian
What Used to Be French
SECRET MACHINES - September 000 ep - 2002, Ace Fu Records
Cinéma Presque Vérité
RIP MUTANT POP - Fluxus Pop - 2022, Simone Records Canadian
Darkness Bring the Light
ELISAPIE - The Ballad of the Runaway Girl - 2018, Bonsound Canadian
Silver Man
LISA & FRANCESCA - V.A., Too Much Sun Will Burn (The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1967 Volume 2) - 2023, Grapefruit, recorded in 1967
The Way We Die Tonight
The WENDS - It's Here Where You Fall - 2022,We Were Never Being Boring Collective
Signed D.C. (Love cover)
SPIREA X - Fireblade Skies - 1991, 4AD
Live It Down
MEDICINE - The Buried Life - 1993, American RFecordings
Stopwatch Gang
SOCIETY'S ILLS - Lore - 2022, self-released Canadian
Le Feu (Musical Bed)
CINEPHONIC - Visions - 2023, Marlow Records Canadian New
Keep Smilin' At Trouble (Al Jolson cover) (instrumental)
JEFF HEALEY - Adventures in Jazzland - 2004, Healey-o-Phonic Canadian
Poncho con su Tambor
Open the Gates
IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS - Open the Gates - 2021, International Anthem Recording Co.
Mr. Funkalupicus
ZUUL'S EVIL DISCO - Funkalupatropolis - 1997, self-released Canadian
Trust is a Must
IAN DURY - Lord Upminster - 1981, Polydor
Le Feu (Musical Bed)
CINEPHONIC - Visions - 2023, Marlow Records Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
Cold, wet, grey... perfect stay-in radio weather

6:06 PM, May 20th, 2023
Plip, plip, plip, can't disagree. I might be planting flowers, but I'm not.

6:09 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Damper on your green-thumb Saturday evening out, but glad you're in with us, Benoît

6:13 PM, May 20th, 2023
Weird, I don't think I've ever heard *Jeremiah*, but it's really not new...

6:24 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
From a lesser-known Buffy album, B

6:30 PM, May 20th, 2023
That Valdy song still plays well! But it's also the curse of the older musician, that successful song...

6:36 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
It's a very poignant song, B, kinda sums up my take on him... it's the only song of his I really ever listen to

6:38 PM, May 20th, 2023
Have you ever played any Parker MIllsap? A still young American singer/guitar whiz, perhaps a bit like Colin James may have been. Saw him live (on impulse, rewarded) at Neat Coffee Shop in Burnstown, bought his *Other Arrangements* disc, etc. It plays well, contains good rockers and good ballads.

6:40 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Parker Millsap is new to me, Thanks for the tip, I'll look up/listen...

6:46 PM, May 20th, 2023
Canoe in! Tub & "Brilliance" now, perfect!...& beauty! I'm a Valdy fan....Diamond Joe White used to open for him....I knew Joe....

6:48 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Howdy hillbilly! Glad we're helping you relax after a wet river (lake?) ride!

6:50 PM, May 20th, 2023
Another detail re Parker Millsap, he's got a fun, 'fed up' rocker about "tonka trucks" in the US; it's called *Some People*.

7:00 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
Cheers B!

7:02 PM, May 20th, 2023
This show is, nicely, going madly off in all directions. Which was the title of a favourite radio comedy show. Aaaah, Lorne Elliott!

7:10 PM, May 20th, 2023
Hey Steve, thanks for the Never Being Boring Radio!

7:22 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
More NBBR on tap, Ian! Cheers!

7:24 PM, May 20th, 2023
I met Valdy in a coffee shop outside of Victoria- a perfect gentlemen in a perfect locale.

7:35 PM, May 20th, 2023
Buffy St. Marie, our 'Candle in the Rain' brings the Light 'n da Dark rockin' the roll, Steve chi-Miigwech

7:38 PM, May 20th, 2023
Steve Kirkland (host)
greetings gentlegypsie...

7:46 PM, May 20th, 2023
content to be tuning, more so, good marginal ckcu

7:55 PM, May 20th, 2023
Listening late this week and really enjoyed the dub Ashes to Ashes cover

7:29 PM, May 23rd, 2023