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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday November 26th, 2022 with Steve Kirkland
a quiet one... or ten... or more for when you're here

Quiet One
SAGITTAIRE - Lovely Music - 2022, Aquarium Drunkard Canadian New
The Hurt or the Fight
CORRINA REPP - Island - 2021, Jealous Butcher Records
Let It Be (comp: Lennon/McCartney)
BILL MEDLEY - Nobody Knows - 1970, MGM
KURT SWINGHAMMER w MIA SHEARD - Black Eyed Sue - 2001, Cultural Engineering Canadian
2 Kool 2 Be 4 Gotten (Lucinda Williams cover)
NAP EYES - V.A.: Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 2 - 2020, PRG Music Canadian
On the Radio
SPOON vs On-U SOUND - Lucifer on the Moon - 2022, Matador New
Radio Free Europe
R.E.M. - 7-inch A-side - 1981, Hib-Tone Records
Wilko Johnson (John Wilkinson) died this week. He was 75. Founder member of Dr. Feelgood, guitarist extraordinaire (after the lead/rhythm style of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' Mick Green), cancer survivor, larger-than-life character (and much larger than his role as a tongueless executioner on that TV series...)
She Does It Right
DR. FEELGOOD - 7-inch A-side - 1975, United Artists
First Thing in the Morning
SOLID SENDERS - Solid Senders - 1978, Virgin
All Aboard (comp: McKinley Morganfield)
SOLID SENDERS - Live ep - 1978, Virgin
Megaphone Mouth
STUCCO - Digital single - 2022, self-released Canadian New
CONRAD SCHNITZER - Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal ep - 1980, RCA VictorGermany
Orthrus (Reduction) (Musical Bed)
COLIN STETSON - Chim​æ​ra I - 2022, Room40 Canadian New
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn (Daft Science Remix)
COINS - Daft Science - 2014, self-released Canadian
Urban Dub (instrumental)
MOVING TARGETS - Burning in Water - 1986, Taang!
Dominance and Submission (Blue Öyster Cult cover)
ALBERT BOUCHARD - Imaginos II: Bombs Over Germany (minus zero and counting) - 2021, Deko/Rockheart Records
Foot Control
DUMB - Pray for Tomorrow (cassette only) - 2022, Mint Records Canadian New
DAVEY WOODWARD - 6 Miles East of Here 5 Miles North of Nowhere - 2011,Wearitwell! Records
Kwenchy Kups
DRY CLEANING - Stumpwork - 2022, 4AD New
There's No Goodbye Between Us (Yoko Ono cover)
YO LA TENGO - V.A.: Ocean Child - Songs of Yoko Ono - 2021, Atlantic
APOLLO GHOSTS - Pink Tiger - 2022, You've Changed Records Canadian New
Run, Run, Run (Yoko Ono cover)
AMBER COFFMAN - V.A.: Ocean Child - Songs of Yoko Ono - 2021, Atlantic
Orthrus (Reduction) (Musical Bed)
COLIN STETSON - Chim​æ​ra I - 2022, Room40 Canadian New
Never Give Up
The JAZZ BUTCHER - CD single - 2022, Glass Modern New
Beautiful Island, Ugly Natives
FIRESIDE - Hello Kids - 1998, Startracks
Laurus II (instrumental)
SARAH DAVACHI - Laurus - 2020, Late Music Canadian
I'm Not Your Dog
BAXTER DURY - The Night Chancers - 2020, [PIAS] le Label
PEEL DREAM MAGAZINE - Agitprop Alterna - 2020, Slumberland
Birds Flying Away (Mason Jennings cover)
STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO - 99 Songs of Revolution Vol. 1 - 2010, Victory Records
Come Down Awkward
FOLD PAPER (Chell Osuntade) - Digital single - 2022, self-released Canadian New
In the Bush (Musique cover)
SHARON JONES & the DAP-KINGS - Just Dropped In to See What Condition My RENDITION Was In - 2021, Daptone, recorded in 200
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
More than one of you were quiet last week. You can make up for that tonight... share a thought, an observation, whatever strikes your fancy.

6:08 PM, November 26th, 2022
Steve, you need a new stage name. How about "The Cover Man." OK, so I suck at new handles, but I do like covers. Cheers.

6:15 PM, November 26th, 2022
Steve Kirkland (host)
A stage name, Tom? Hmm. I'm dramatic enough. Well, melodramatic anyway. Cheers

6:20 PM, November 26th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Steve, I know I’m a bit late here but I would like to extend a HUGE and HEARTY congratulations to you for 40 years on the air! Wow, where does the time go!? That’s a LOTTA volunteer hours both on and off the air. Way to go!

6:40 PM, November 26th, 2022
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hi Shelley! (Took me a bit to get back to the playlist there...) Thank-you. Great to be appreciated by a former volunteer and still (very) active listener to CKCU. Cheers

7:10 PM, November 26th, 2022
Terrific piece by The Jazz Butcher. Never heard that one.

7:36 PM, November 26th, 2022
Steve Kirkland (host)
His last recording, Tom.

7:49 PM, November 26th, 2022
Yup. Sad, but it's all part of The Great Gig in the Sky (not literally, of course). Saw them at Zaphods 20+ years ago. Fun group.

7:52 PM, November 26th, 2022
Boy was I off. Make that 1992, Zaphods. Steve, can you make time slow down please ? That's a good host !

7:56 PM, November 26th, 2022
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thanks for listening!

8:01 PM, November 26th, 2022
Catching this show on demand and enjoying the quiet songs and especially liked the Nap Eyes cover of the Lucinda song

1:31 PM, November 30th, 2022