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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday August 28th, 2021 with Steve Kirkland
You can dance... or not

Safety Dance (Men Without Hats cover)
ANGEL OLSEN - Aliens ep - 2021, Jagjaguwar Canadian
PARAGON CAUSE - Autopilot - 2021, self-released Canadian New
Angel Eyes
ROXY MUSIC - Manifesto - 1979, ATCO
All Time Low
SCRACK - Scrack Attack - 2021, self-released New
Feel My Pulse
ELECTRAFIXION - Burned - 1995, WEA
KARY - Light - 2004, Dependent Music Canadian
The Day the Earth Caught Fire
The SPEED of SOUND - Museum of Tomorrow - 2021, Big Stir New
Maybe The People-Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale (Love cover)
ELECTRIC SIX - Streets of Gold - 2021, Cleopatra New
When Planets Collide
VIVA VOCE - Get Yr Blood Sucked Out - 2006, Full Time Hobby
Scanner (instrumental)
FLY PAN AM - Frontera - 2021, Constellation Canadian New
Drib Drab (Musical Bed)
DARK BIRD - Drib Drab - 2021, Cardinal Fuzz/ NoiseAgonyMayhem Canadian New
The NEW EXISTENTIALISTS - Poetry is Theft - 2021, Flying Nun/Fishrider New
Pretty Horses
60FT DOLLS - Hair - 1996, Indolent Records
Heaven and Hell
The WHO - Live At Leeds (CD version) - 1995, MCA, recorded in 1970
Slow Down (demo) (Larry Williams cover)
The JAM - 1977 (Box Set) - 2017, Polydor, recorded in 1977
A Tonic for the Troops (Boomtown Rats cover)
CHIXDIGGIT - Chronic for the Troops (split ep w Groovie Ghoulies) - 1998, Delmonico Canadian
Slip Kid (The Who cover)
ANVIL feat. FRANKIE PEREZ - V.A.: Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 - 2011, Columbia Canadian
Flash Flood
The WOGGLES - The Zontar Sessions - 1994, Estrus
I Ain’t the One
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - One More From the Road - 1976, MCA
Blood on the Blade
BLACK ROAD - Witch of the Future - 2019, DHU Records
Scary Monsters and Super Creeps (David Bowie cover )
SUPERCHUNK - Cup of Sand - 2003, Merge
Nag (The Halos cover)
JOAN JETT & the BLACKHEARTS - I Love Rock’n’Roll - 1981, Boardwalk Entertainment Co.
Big Baby (Tammi Savoy & The Chris Casello Combo cover)
WANDA JACKSON - Encore - 2021, Big Machine Records New
Drib Drab (Musical Bed)
DARK BIRD - Drib Drab - 2021, Cardinal Fuzz/ NoiseAgonyMayhem Canadian New
Rivers for Eyes (instrumental)
The COSMIC RANGE - The Gratitude Principle - 2019, Ideé Fixe
Yègellé Tezeta (instrumental)
MULATU ASTATKE - 7-inch A-side - 2015, Mr. Bongo, recorded in 1969
Primal Prayer
BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND - Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland - 2019, ORG Music Canadian
Wsrop Pampasow (instrumental)
JERZY MILIAN - V.A.: Playlist - 2003, Jazzanova Compost Records
Space Diva
LUSCIOUS JACKSON - Electric Honey - 1998, Capitol
2 Cent
KOBAYASHI - Strange Lights And Resolution - 2005, Bongo Beat Records Canadian
The FUNKEES - Point of No Return - 1974, Amba
Gypsy (instrumental)
The SUBJAZZ PROXY feat. GERALD WIGGINS - Autumn Somewhere - 1997, Resist
CHARLES SPEARIN - The Happiness Project - 2009, Arts & Crafts
Drib Drab (Musical Bed)
DARK BIRD - Drib Drab - 2021, Cardinal Fuzz/ NoiseAgonyMayhem Canadian New
DAMON & NAOMI - A Sky Record - 2021, 20 New
On Demand-only Bonus Track
Space Void (instrumental)
STEVE HOWE - Homebrew 7 - 2021, self-released New
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
... arriving late, but well-fed

6:14 PM, August 28th, 2021
what song was played at 6:21

6:25 PM, August 28th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
gina, if you mean the grungy one, it was Rainbow... but if it was the spacier one, Feel My Pulse (two members of Echo & the Buynnymen in the band Electrafixion)

6:27 PM, August 28th, 2021
thanks! it was rainbow

6:28 PM, August 28th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
I failed to mention the track by The Woggles (just before 7 PM) in my rap...

7:00 PM, August 28th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
... and got the order of a few songs wrong, to boot...

7:19 PM, August 28th, 2021
Jas Nasty
HI Steve, thanks for mentioning my upcoming Heavy Friends episode :) Love to hear Beverly-Glenn Copeland

7:29 PM, August 28th, 2021
Great show as always!

7:32 PM, August 28th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hi Jas... would've mentioned the Kate Bush special but your highlight wasn't posted when I recorded my rap

7:34 PM, August 28th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
Manmohan, Thanks... as always!

7:34 PM, August 28th, 2021
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thanks for listening in, wherever, whenever

7:58 PM, August 28th, 2021
Nice sets. Enjoyed it all, looking ahead some 20 minutes...

5:13 PM, August 29th, 2021