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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday September 26th, 2020 with Steve Kirkland
Who sets the scene, in quarantine?

I’m So Bored with the USA (Clash cover)
DEAN & BRITTA - Quarantine Tapes - 2020, self-released New
Joys Too Often Hollow Pt. Two
DANIEL ROMANO - How Ill Thy World is Ordered - 2020, self-released Canadian New
Never Again
RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON - Hard Luck Stories (1972 - 1982) box set - 2020, Universal, recorded in 1975 New
The Urge for Going (Joni Mitchell cover)
RICK WHITE & EIYN SOF - Digital Single - 2020, self-released Canadian New
Dave Kusworth, a Birmingham-born English rock singer and songwriter, died this past week. He was 60. Dave co-founded The Jacobites in the mid-80s with the late Nikki Sudden (d. March 2006). He played in or with a number of other bands (including T.V. Eye, The Bounty Hunters, The Tenderhooks, The Rag Dolls). He has an impressive discography, but, predominantly, it's on the CD format. You have to love that he retained his Exile-era Keith Richards' "look" throughout his four decades-plus as a rock romantic, lyrically and musically. If any of these tracks intrigue you, do the homework to discover more...
DAVE KUSWORTH & the TENDERHOOKS - Dave Kusworth & Tenderhooks - 2003, Wagging Dog
A Picture of You
BOUNTY HUNTERS - Threads A Tear Stained Scar - 1989, Creation
Where Do You Go to My Lovely (Peter Sarstedt cover)
DAVE KUSWORTH - The Brink - 2009, Troubador
Fortune of Fame
NIKKI SUDDEN & DAVE KUSWORTH JACOBITES - Robespierre’s Velvet Basement - 1984, Glass
Beat Generation Poet (Turned Assassin) (unabridged)
The BROTHERS STEVE - Digital Single #95 - 2020, Big Stir New
The Way Things Are
TONY MOLINA - Dissed and Dismissed - 2012, Slumberland
Lake Effect
MICARZA CAMARO - V.A.: Most Career Hits - 2008, Kelp Canadian
Pocket of SIlver
the DENTISTS - Powdered Lobster Fiasco - 1993, Homestead
A Burning Snowman (musical bed)
The SADIES - Favourite Colours - 2004, Yep Roc Canadian
Let It All In
ARBOURETUM - High Water Song - 2020, Thrill Jockey New
Get Out
DATURA4 - West Coast Highway Cosmic - 2020, Alive New
Hardcore Orientale (instrumental)
ELEPHANT 9 - Walk the Nile - 2009, Rune Gramoffon
Red Party
OSEES - Protean Threat - 2020, CastleFace New
Misanthrope Gets Lunch (instrumental)
BENT ARCANA - Bent Arcana - 2020, CastleFace New
Post No Bill
JADE HAIRPINS - Harmony Avenue - 2020, Merge Canadian New
End Of The World Party
MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD - End Of The World Party (Just In Case) - 2004, Blue Note
Space Cake
The HELIOCENTRICS - Telemetric Sounds - 2020, Madlib Invazion New
A Burning Snowman (musical bed)
The SADIES - Favourite Colours - 2004, Yep Roc Canadian
IDLES - Ultra-Mono - 2020, Partisan New
The Court and Jury
ELEPHANT STONE - Hollow - 2020, Fuzz Club Canadian New
Corporate Indie band
SWANSEA SOUND - cassingle - 2020, Lavender Sweep New
I Want You Around (Ramones cover)
BLACK TAMBOURINE - One, Two, Three, Four double 7” - 2012, Slumberland
Asteroid B-612 (Sonic’s Rendezvous Band cover)
The HYDROMATICS - Powerglide - 2001, Cargo
Supernaut (Black Sabbath cover)
THOU - V.A.: What is This That Stands Before Me (Black Sabbath S/T LP covered) - 2020, Sacred Bones New
MARS - Mars Archive Volume Three: N.N. End - 2019, Negative Glam/Feeding Tube, recorded in 1978 at Max's Kansas City, New York
Like This (radio session)
FIFTH COLUMN - V.A.: Brave New Waves - 1991, CBC Canadian
Corruption’s the Thing
CREATIONS UNLIMITED - 7-inch A-side - 1972, Soul Kitchen
A Burning Snowman (musical bed)
The SADIES - Favourite Colours - 2004, Yep Roc Canadian
Lake of Green (instrumental)
The HEADS - Vertigo Swirl - 2020, Cardinal Fuzz
On Demand bonus track
Dearest Alfred (instrumental)
KHRUANGBIN - Mordechai - 2020, Dead Oceans New
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
Indeed, what can I do?

6:05 PM, September 26th, 2020
Thanks for the Dave Kusworth set & it's very sad losing a talent like him at such an early age of 60

6:35 PM, September 26th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Cheers Wally. Almost textbook, in some ways, his bowing out at such an early age for these times, given his back story. He leaves a lot of music worth discovering and revisiting.

6:39 PM, September 26th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
I neglected to mention the tune by The Dentists in my rap, apologies for that...

6:44 PM, September 26th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
And while on the subject of being neglectful, the track I announced by Marissa Nadler did not make it into the mix...

6:47 PM, September 26th, 2020
Silver Street
Sounds as discombobulating as a Chelsea match...

6:58 PM, September 26th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
disco baba ghanoush

7:15 PM, September 26th, 2020
Dave JC
Thanks for the Idles. I love their Model Village trx, which sort of reminds me of the Fixer Upper by Yard Act.

7:39 PM, September 26th, 2020
Dave JC.
BTW: CFC saved some blushes today

7:39 PM, September 26th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Spoiler alert too late, D...

7:45 PM, September 26th, 2020
Dave JC
Ah, damn, sorry.

7:50 PM, September 26th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
No worries Mr. JC

7:53 PM, September 26th, 2020
Cowboy Bob
I think you have to be seen at the scene before the quarantine to be seen as a setter of said scene. Just saying.....

1:14 PM, October 3rd, 2020