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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday September 5th, 2020 with Steve Kirkland
Not Working Playing Music

Young Girl Cut Down in Your Prime
The LEFT OUTSIDES - A Place to Hide - 2020, Cardinal Fuz, recorded in 2018 New
Ice Cool (instrumental)
TWINK - The Lost Experimental Recordings 1970 - 1999, Get Back, recorded in 1970
Pagan Love Song
VIRGIN PRUNES - The Hidden Lie (Live In Paris 6/6/86) - 1987, Baby Records
Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles (Captain Beefheart cover)
The CRUEL SEA - We Don't Work We Play Music - 2002, Universal Australia
Luney Tune
ALICE COOPER - School’s Out - 1972, Warner Bros
Let’s Hear it For Love
NICK FRATER - Fast & Loose - 2020, Big Stir New
Love Is More Than Words Or Better Late Than Never
LOVE - The Blue Thumb Recordings (compilation) (Disc 2: Live in London 1970) - 2007, Universal
NO JOY - Motherhood - 2020, Joyful Noise Recordings Canadian New
Ambiguity (musical bed)
MELODIC ENERGY COMMISSION - Wave Packet - 2013, Energy Discs New
Land of the Sun
SKIP SPENCE - V.A.: More Oar - 2003, Birdman, recorded sometime before 1999
Land of Dead
ELEPHANT STONE - Hollow - 2020, Fuzz Club Canadian New
AMON DÜÜL II - Carnival in Babylon - 1972, United Artists
They Walked in Line (Joy Division cover)
godheadsilo - V.A.: A Means to an End – the Music of Joy Division - 1995, Hut
JOY DIVISION - Preston 28 February 1980 - 1999, NMC
SKINNY PUPPY - Remission - 1983, Nettwerk Canadian
The Art of Persistance
WIRE - 10:20 - 2020, pinkflag New
I Hope She Loves You
The SPOOK SCHOOL - Could It Be Different? - 2017, Slumberland/Alcopop!
The PERSIAN LEAPS - Digital Single #91 - 2020, Big Stir New
Some Kinda Fun (Chris Montez cover)
TEENAGE HEAD - Some Kinda Fun - 1982, Attic Canadian
Keep It Simple Stupid
The KING KHAN EXPERIENCE - Turkey Ride - Ernest Jenning Record Co./Khannibalism Canadian
The Kids Are Not Alright
DAVID NEWTON & THEE MIGHTY ANGELS - A Gateway to a Lifetime of Disappointment - 2020, Parkfield New
On the Bus
DUPONT CIRCLES - In Search of the Family Gredunza - 2020, the beautiful music New
WHIPPED CREAM - Whipped Cream and Other Delights - 1991, Radium 226.05
Ambiguity (musical bed)
MELODIC ENERGY COMMISSION - Wave Packet - 2013, Energy Discs Canadian
Never Had It Better (instrumental)
The HEADS - Vertigo Swill - 2020, Cardinal Fuzz, first vinyl pressing of 2011
Drug Store Woman
BUDGIE - Squawk - 1972, MCA
Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
SYLVAIN COSSETTE - 70s Volume 2 - 2008, Universal Canadian
Split Part One
The GROUNDHOGS - Split - 1971, Liberty
MCKENNA MENDELSON MAINLINE - Stink - 1970, Liberty Canadian
The Siesta is Over
The REVOLUTION - 7-inch A-side - 197?, M&Ms
White Man's Got a God Complex
LAST POETS - This is Madness - 1971, Douglas
Ambiguity (musical bed)
MELODIC ENERGY COMMISSION - Wave Packet - 2013, Energy Discs Canadian
Cattleman’s Prayers (demo)
MAC DEMARCO - Here Comes the Cowboy Demos - 2020, Caroline International Canadian New
Adding in the Nathaniel Mayer track as an On Demand-only bonus track...
You Gotta Work
NATHANIEL MAYER - I Just Want to Be Held - 2004, Fat Possum
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
Shh, it happens... mis-mixed the intro two shows in a row.. more annoying the second time, predominantly for tarnishing the beauty of Alison Cotton's voice... for which I apologize

6:07 PM, September 5th, 2020
Loves me that Luney Tune!

6:19 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Knew you would, Jeb!

6:21 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Jeb, been a long while since I listened to School's Out... was a more savoury experience for that... my worn copy I remember buying off a mutual friend several years back

6:36 PM, September 5th, 2020
I remember when the Virgin Prunes played a small club on Elgin Street, I think it was the Roxy

6:41 PM, September 5th, 2020
It was the Roxy, Wally. Didn't love them but went anyway.

6:53 PM, September 5th, 2020
Jeb, Yes they were quite a different band if you can even call them that as they were more an arty performance troup that incorporated sounds, I did quite enjoy some of their early singles like Sandpaper Lullaby and the first album. I always thought it was strange how The Edge's brother was in the band when they were so different from U2. I had a fascination with them similar to my interest in the Residents.

7:10 PM, September 5th, 2020
The Kids Are Not Alright 👍

7:12 PM, September 5th, 2020
Lisa is dancing to whatever you are playing right now.

7:18 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Whipped Cream is my quess what was playing, Jeb... who don't like the combination of whipped cream and dancing?

7:28 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Wally, I like the song and agree with its sentiment(s)

7:29 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
To clarify: I came across this story, which evolved from a black Marine aboard a US naval vessel during the Vietnam War playing this Last Poets track through the ship's PA system... Read more here

7:50 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
Errata (again? Yes)... sorry, the Nathaniel Mayer track was not in the mix... dang

7:56 PM, September 5th, 2020
Steve Kirkland (host)
But, Lo, Nathaniel makes it On Demand...

8:06 PM, September 5th, 2020
21.8.21 (MM. Nice date.)

10:08 AM, August 21st, 2021