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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday October 19th, 2019 with SteveKirkland

Improvisation: Munster (instrumental)
TOR Q PERCUSSION QUARTET - TorQ Percussion Quartet - 2009, Bedoint Canadian
France (a Mutual Thrill)
KUKL - Holidays In Europe (The Naughty Nought) - 1986, Crass
the Dead Just Don't Wanna Die Today
SQÜRL - the Dead Don't Die (sdtk) - 2019, Sacred Bones New
UIC - Our Garage - 1986, Fringe Product Canadian
Viens Avec Moi
les BREASTFEEDERS - Les Matins des Grands Soirs - 2006, Blow the Fuse Canadian
Election Day
the STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Forever Won't WaIT - 2011, Dirtnap Canadian
Sea Song (Robert Wyatt cover)
EMM GRYNER - Girl Versions - 2001, Dead Daisy Records Canadian
Light: Look at Your Sun
ASH RA TEMPEL - Schwingungen - 1972, Ohr
PACHYDERM - Parabola - 2010, self-released Canadian
Pulp Fiction
AMANDA PALMER & EDWARD KA-SPEL - I Can Spin a Rainbow - 2017, 8 ft. Records
Along Treska (musical bed)
STEFAN CHRISTOFF & OSAMA SHALABI - родина - 2014, Howl! Canadian
Personality Crisis (New York Dolls cover)
TEENAGE FANCLUB - V.A.: Velvet Goldmine (sdtk) - 1998, London
Straight Into a Storm
DEER TICK - Born on Flag Day - 2009 Partisan
As Long as the Price is Right
DR. FEELGOOD - 7-inch A-side - 1977, United Artists
Guess Things Happen That Way
TERRY MANNING - Home Sweet Home - 1970, Enterprise
Mexican Blackbird
ZZ TOP - Fandango - 1975, London
Was My Brother in the Battle
KATE & ANNA McGARRIGLE - V.A.: Songs Of The Civil War - 1991, Columbia Canadian
Hold On (War Child mix)
SPIRITUALIZED - V.A.: Peace Songs - 2003, Sony
Down to the River
JANUARY TYME - First Time From Memphis - 1969, Enterprise
Feelin' Reelin' Squealin' (Soft Machine cover)
CARAVAN - In the Land of Grey and Pink, Live at the BBC 1971 - 2019, DBQP, recorded in 1971 New
Shooting at the Moon
KEVIN AYERS & the WHOLE WORLD - Shooting at the Moon - 1970, Harvest
Along Treska (musical bed)
STEFAN CHRISTOFF & OSAMA SHALABI - родина - 2014, Howl! Canadian
HULABOY - the Lucy ep 7-inch - 1997, A Turntable Friend Records
She's a Bad Motorcycle
HULA HOOP - V.A.: the Test of Time - A Turntable Friend Records Compilation - 2017, A Turntable Friend Records, recorded in 1997 previously unreleased
Insurance Man for the Funk
BERNIE WORRELL - 12-inch A-side - 1979, Arista
Disco to Go
the BRIDES of FUNKENSTEIN - 7-inch A-side - 1978, Atlantic
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
participate you certainly may

6:10 PM, October 19th, 2019
Dave JC.
Welcome back. I'll be listing while I'm out and about.

6:16 PM, October 19th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thank you, Mr. JC... glad you're in early

6:23 PM, October 19th, 2019
Making dinner to great tunes.

6:30 PM, October 19th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Bon appetit, Jeb!

6:38 PM, October 19th, 2019
Listening and enjoying V.C.B. on a Saturday night.

6:43 PM, October 19th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Cheers Mr. G... I'll be back in touch later tonight... look for a message!

6:53 PM, October 19th, 2019
Great show, Steve - as usual. Gotta thank you...

7:31 PM, October 19th, 2019
Johnny Cash had a hit with that Terry Manning tune. See y'all at the record show tomorrow!

7:41 PM, October 19th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Ian, Thanks... yes, my friend, both RG and myself...

7:43 PM, October 19th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)

7:57 PM, October 19th, 2019