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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday July 20th, 2019 with Steve Kirkland
Technical ecstasy? Hardly. Musical, on the other hand...

Easily Done
ELECTRIC BANANA - the Seventies - 1978, Butt
From Where We Started
C'MON - Midnight is the Answer - 2004, self-released Canadian
IAN BLURTON - Signals Through the Flames - 2019, Pajama Party Canadian New
Learn to Love the Government
BIONIC - Black Blood - 2007, Signed by Force Canadian
Walkin' with a Mountain
MOTT the HOOPLE - Mad Shadows - 1970, Island
SAMMY - Tales of Great Neck Glory - 1996, DGC
BLACK MIDI - Schlagenheim - 2019, Rough Trade New
Peter Gunn (instrumental)
POISON IVY - V.A.: Shots in the Dark - Del-fi Does Mancini - 1996, Donna/Delphonic
Honky Time
JAMES HALL - Pleasure Club - 1996, Geffen
Little Trouble Girl (musical bed)
SONIC YOUTH - Washing Machine - 1995, Geffen
Love Me Two Times (Doors cover)
PSYCHIC ILLS - V.A.: A Psych Tribute to the Doors - 2014, Cleopatra
Carry On
the BOX - the Pleasure and the Pain - 1989, Alert Canadian
Touch Me (Doors cover)
CLINIC - V.A.: A Psych Tribute to the Doors - 2014, Cleopatra
Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday cover)
MOLLY JOHNSON - Because of Billie - 2014, Universal Canadian
These Are Dangerous Times
DRAGON WELDING - Dragon Welding - 2019, A Turntable Friend Records New
You Suck
the MURMURS - the Murmurs - 1994, MCA
Dispute (version)
the FRIGHTNRS - More to Say: Versions - 2017, Daptone
Last Train to Africa (version)
PRINCE ALAH and NAZARENE - 12-inch B-side - 1979, Generation Canadian
Two Cool Guys (theme)
ISAAC HAYES - V.A.: Beavis and Butthead Do America (sdtk) - 1996, Geffen
Let's Straighten It Out
GWEN McCRAE - Let's Straighten It Out - 1978, T.K.
Whole Lotta Love (comp: Willie Dixon)
PETER GREEN's FLEETWOOD MAC - Live at the BBC London 1968 - 2019, Radio LoopLoop, recorded in 1968
MDOU MOCTAR - Ilana - the Creator - 2019, Sahel Sounds
Little Trouble Girl (musical bed)
SONIC YOUTH - Washing Machine - 1995, Geffen
the Sun Ship
BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - Third World Pyramid - 2016, A Records
Ain't That The Way
ROYAL CITY - Little Heart's Ease - 2004, Three Gut Canadian
Love Comes On Silent Feet
PETER PERRETT - Humanworld - 2019, Domino New
BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH - Street Gospels - 2007 Dine Alone Canadian
SUPERKID - V.A.: Those Shocking Shaking Days - Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-78 - 2011, Now Again, originally released on cassette only album in 1978
Sunbeams and Moonbeams
TWINK (w MOTHS & LOCUSTS) - Think Pink IV - 2019, NoiseAgonyMayhem Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
It's not the humidity. Yeah, OK, it is.

6:11 PM, July 20th, 2019
Heavy Ben
Rockin! Saw Ian Blurton's Future Now band live last weekend. Recommend.

6:13 PM, July 20th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Ben! Been a long while since I've seen Ian Blurton on a stage, in any configuration... on his next visit to Ottawa, I'll check him out...

6:18 PM, July 20th, 2019
That Mancini tribute is pretty cool

6:35 PM, July 20th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Wally! It is!

6:44 PM, July 20th, 2019
Some cool Doors covers

6:53 PM, July 20th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
Wally, one more Doors cover than intended (the one I played only last month)...

7:03 PM, July 20th, 2019
Steve Kirkland (host)
... more on the unintended front with a little shirtsleeve snag on the tonearm...

7:05 PM, July 20th, 2019
Well I don't think anyone minds an extra Doors cover :)

7:23 PM, July 20th, 2019