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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday November 25th, 2017 with Steve Kirkland
All aboard the trans-pop express...

Trans-pop express
AVEC LE SOLEIL SORTANT DE SA BOUCHE - Pas Pire Pop [I ♡ You So Much] - 2017, Constellation Canadian New
Clear Shot
TOY - Clear Shot - 2016, Heavenly
Pants and a Face
BONNIE DOON - Dooner Nooner - 2017, RCR Canadian New
Permanent Dive
VILE BODIES - Permanent Dive - 2017, Independent Canadian New
They Don't Know (comp: Kirsty MacColl)
KODIAK ISLAND - the Orange ep - 2017, Independent UK New
the Dozens
CAROLINE HERRING - Golden Apples of the Sun - 2009, Signature Sounds Recording
Konna Fu Ni Sugite Iku No Nara (If You Are Going Too Far)
MAKI ASAKAWA - Uramado (Back Window) - 1973, Express Japan
the Heat (musical bed)
PETER GABRIEL - Birdy (soundtrack) - 1985, Geffen
Yoru Wo Kugurinukeru Made (Until You Pass Through)
MASATO MINAMI - Kaikisen (Regression Line) - 1971, Ariola Japan
Fear is Like a Forest (Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea cover)
COURTNEY BARNETT and KURT VILE - Lotta Sea Lice - 2017, Matador New
Savage Earth Heart (live)
the WATERBOYS - Cloud of Sound - 2012, Puck
Too Much
BLONDIE - Pollinator - 2017, BMG/Liberator
Moon in My Mouth
NO JOY - More Faithful - 2015, Kemado/Mexican Summer Canadian
BOB MOULD - the Last Dog and Pony Show - 1998, Rykodisc
Maima Koopi
A TRIBE CALLED RED [OKA & CHIPPEWA TRAVELLERS) - We are the Halluci Nation - 2016, Radicalized Records Canadian
Dressing the Wound (musical bed)
PETER GABRIEL - Birdy (soundtrack) - 1985, Geffen
the Second Blazing Star (instrumental)
HEADROOM - Head in the Clouds - 2017, Trouble in MInd New
I Sing Silence
GOAT - Fuzzed in Europe - 2017, Rocket Recordings New
Hepsibah (instrumental)
the BAND WHOSE NAME is a SYMBOL - Quality Rolls (split LP with CRAB BOAT) - 2017, Cardinal Fuzz Canadian New
Tell It
UT - 12-inch B-side - 1985, Out Records
Dressing the Wound (musical bed)
PETER GABRIEL - Birdy (soundtrack) - 1985, Geffen
DIstant Dreams - Part Two
THROBBING GRISTLE - the Taste of TG _ a Beginner's Guide to Throbbing Gristle (compilation) - 2017, Mute, 1991 remix of track originally released in 1980 New
Makapoor (instrumental)
PETER BROTZMANN TENTET - 1/2/3 - 1998, Okka
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
T'his train's a rolling... any passengers?

6:05 PM, November 25th, 2017
Dick Altavista
This Kodak Island song is divine. Lydia Loveless cover???

6:23 PM, November 25th, 2017
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hey Dick,.. cover of a Kirsty MacColl tune which Tracey Ullman had some success with way back...

6:25 PM, November 25th, 2017
Dick Altavista
OK now I get it. Lydia Loveless also covers this on her record Somewhere Else. Killer tune!

6:26 PM, November 25th, 2017

6:44 PM, November 25th, 2017
I have another cover of They Don't Know for you by a new band called Co-Pilgrim and they do a great version. Love the Waterboys!

6:46 PM, November 25th, 2017
Hi Jeb, Hi Dick

6:50 PM, November 25th, 2017
Steve Kirkland (host)
Hi Jeb

6:56 PM, November 25th, 2017
Hi all. That Kurt & Courtney record gets better every time I listen to it.

7:03 PM, November 25th, 2017
Dave JC.
This passenger's been jumping on and off so far, but on for the rest of the journey.... Tonight is SJO at le Petit Chicago.

7:09 PM, November 25th, 2017
Steve Kirkland (host)
Mr. JC, glad you're on/off with us... enjoy your cross-border evening out... .

7:18 PM, November 25th, 2017
Hope I'm not too late to make a comment!

7:43 PM, November 25th, 2017
David JC
BTW: I did catch the Trans Pop Express, super. I like this Throbbing Gristle trx. Never ever got to seem 'em. Thanks for show....see/hear you soon.

7:48 PM, November 25th, 2017
Mike P.
listen and comment become one here

7:49 PM, November 25th, 2017
Steve Kirkland (host)
THanks all for listening/chimin in...

7:52 PM, November 25th, 2017
Loving this Brotzmann piece!

7:54 PM, November 25th, 2017