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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday April 29th, 2017 with Regis
Spring is in the air. So open up your windows, turn up the volume on your radio just a tad, sit back, and for two hours enjoy some jams.

Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the canyon - Reprise records (1970) Canadian
He's a keeper of the fire
Buffy Saint-Marie - Illuminations - Vanguard records (1971) Canadian
Zo so Senaka
Kikagaku Moyo - Kikagaku Moyo - Captcha records (2013)
Love rain time
Emtidi - Saat - Pilz records (1972) Canadian
Novalis - Sommerbend - Brain records (1976)
Spike fiddle song
Spires that in the sunset rise - This is fire - Secret eye records (2006)
New pharmacist boogie (For Jack)
Chris Forsyth - Paranoid cat - Family vineyard (2011)
Under the singing sea
Ilyas Ahmed - The vertigo of dawn - Time-lag records (2008)
Al doum and the faryds - Cosmic love - Black sweat records (2014)
Futsu Ni Ikirenai
Minami Deutsch - Minami Deutsch - Cardinal Fuzz (2014)
All ends up
Tractor - Tractor - Dandellion (1972)
Goat - Requiem - Subpop (2016)
Moonlight in glory
Brian Eno-David Byrne - My life in the bush of ghosts - Sire recods (1981)
Pale anxieties
Dead sea apes - Sixth side of the pentagon - Cardinal Fuzz (2016)
My spirit is calling
Roger Rodier - Upon velveatur - Sagara records (1975) Canadian
Long day journey
Reign Ghost - Reign Ghost - Guersen records (2014) Canadian
Golzar avenue
Pachyderm - Two weeks of spring - brothers and sisters records (2015) Canadian
Entranced earth
The myrrors - Entranced earth - Beyond beyond, is beyond (2016)
So weit, so gut
Harald Grosskopf - Synthesis - Sky records (1981)
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