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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday December 24th, 2016 with Steve Kirkland
Holiday, for those who celebrate it

Silent Night (trad) (excerpt, musical bed)
CAN - 12-inch B-side (@45 rpm) - 1976, Virgin
Child's Christmans in Wales
JOHN CALE - Paris 1919 - 1973, Reprise
Neon Lights (Kraftwerk cover)
LUNA - Close Before Striking - 2002, Jetset
MY BLOODY VALENTINE - 12-inch B-side - 1988, Relativity
Radioactiviy (Kraftwerk cover)
DAMIEN JURADO and RICHARD SWIFT - Other People's Songs - 2016, Secretly Canadian, recorded in 2010 New
Exit 353
DAMIEN JURADO - Visions of Us on the Land - 2016, Secretly Canadian New
Eat the Maraca (instrumental)
the BAND WHOSE NAME is a SYMBOL - Elevator - 2016, Cardinal Fuzz/Birdman Sound Canadian New
Flight to Reality
NEKTAR - Recycled - 1975, Passport
PURLING HISS - HIgh Bias - 2016, Drag CIty New
Television Families
the CORTINAS - 7-inch B-side - 1978, Step Forward
Jingle Jangle
the ROCKFIELD CHORALE - 7-inch A-side - 1976, Bomp
Silent Night (trad) (musical bed)
CAN - 12-ich B-side (@33 rpm) - 1976, Virgin
Chalet dÁmour
LEMON KITTENS - 7-inch ep - 1979, Step Forward
FLOWERS MUST DIE - V.A.: PZYK 2 - Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia - 2016, PZYK New
the Good's Gone (the Who cover)
TELESCOPES - V.A.: Who Covers Who - 1994, Creative Man
SNATCH - 7-inch A-side - 1977, Bomp
GIANT DOG - Pile - 2016, Merge Canadian New
Redemption Blues
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO - Burn Something Beautiful - 2016, Fantasy Canadian New
Stuck inthe South
ADIA VICTORIA - Beyond the Bloodhounds - 2016, Atlantic
She's Not Here or There or Anywhere
MADDIE CARTHY - V.A..: Redirected - the Songs of Buckmaster-Swan - 2016, Blaamm! New
She's Not There (Zombies cover)
STEAM KINGS - V.A.: the World of the Zombies - 1994, Popllama
Silent Night (trad) (musical bed)
CAN - 12-iMch B-side (@33 rpm) - 1976, Virgin
One of These Days
CEDELL DAVIS - V.A.: Visions of the Blues - Oxford American Music Edition #18 - 2016, Oxford American, recorded in 1982 New
Slow Train
STATUS QUO - Quo - 1974, Vertigo
Louie Louie (Richard Berry cover)
the SILENCE - Nine Suns, One Morning bonus 7-inch - 2016, Drag CIty New
DUOTANG - New Occupation - 2016, Stomp Canadian New
Stay Free (instrumental) (the CLash cover)
the THURSTON LAVA TUBE - the Poodle Collector - 2014, Cordelia
7171 551
DEKE LEONARD - Iceberg - 1974, United Artists
Silent Night (trad)
CAN - 12-iNch B-side (@45 rpm) - 1976, Virgin
TANYA TAGAQ - Retribution - 2016, Six Shooter Canadian New
Cream or Christians
MICHAEL NYMAN - V.A.: Chantons Noel - Ghosts of Christmas Past - 1981, les DIsques du Crépuscule
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
Very quiet in and around here... feel free to bring the noise... politely, of course

6:05 PM, December 24th, 2016
Loving the Kraftwerk cover of Neon Lights

6:08 PM, December 24th, 2016
Steve Kirkland (host)
Wait... there's more

6:18 PM, December 24th, 2016
Yes the other Kraftwerk cover is quite good - must look for that album. The Divine Comedy also did a very cool cover of Radioactivity years ago & Love Tractor did a great version of Neon Lights.

6:46 PM, December 24th, 2016
Steve Kirkland (host)
Rick Parfitt of Status Quo passed away today in Spain -- 68 years old. Quo were a very successful band in the UK with little to no attention in North America. From early psychedelic pop (Pictures of Matchstick Men) they progressed to straight-ahead two-guitar boogie-rock for many albums. I recommend any from the 1970s, especially the early part of the decade.

7:31 PM, December 24th, 2016
Tim A
Thanks for the Rick Parfitt recognition, Status Quo were a big part of my teenage years! Rock and Roll geetar!

7:31 PM, December 24th, 2016
Tim A
When I was a kid I knew the SQ version of Roadhouse Blues before any of the others. Piledriver was one of my favourite albums.

7:33 PM, December 24th, 2016
Dave JC
Liked the Steam Kings version of She's Not There.

7:38 PM, December 24th, 2016
Steve Kirkland (host)
Thanks, Dave, me too. Welsh band Man...

7:43 PM, December 24th, 2016
Steve Kirkland (host)
Tim, I think Piledriver's my fave Quo LP. Here's some more R'n'R geetar... from one of the guitarists from Welsh band Man

7:44 PM, December 24th, 2016
Dave JC
Sorry, a name that Man went under s'times?

7:55 PM, December 24th, 2016