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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday October 22nd, 2016 with Steve Kirkland, with friend/guest co-host Jeb Bond
Bang the Gong at 520-3920

Over Fire Island (instrumental)(musical bed, throughout...)
ENO - Another Green World - 1975, Island
Get It On (Bang a Gong) (live)
BLONDIE - Parallel Lines (bonus track w CD re-issue) - 2001, Chrysalis, recorded in 1978
Stiff Little Fingers
the VIBRATORS - 7-inch B-side - 1977, CBS
Gotta Gettaway
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - 7-inch B-side - 1979, Rough Trade
Sex & Drugs / Rock'n'Roll
A GIANT DOG - Piles - 2016, Merge New
Small Town Kid
DANY LAJ and the LOOKS - Word on the Street - 2015, Squirtgun Canadian
Willy Loman
EVIL KNIEVEL - V.A.: Plug! New Music from Ottawa - 1992, One Handed Records Canadian
Outta Hand
U.I.C. - the Wiseman Sessions - 2016, Yeah Right, originally recorded in 1988 Canadian
Weights Made of Lead
the SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND - the 1974 Unreleased Album - 2009, Major League Productions, recorded but not released in 1974
Ginsberg (instrumental)
BUSHMAN'S REVENGE - You Lost Me at Hello - 2009, Rune Grammofon
GOAT - Requiem - 2016, Sub Pop
I'm So Bored with You Esse (Clash cover)
MANIC HISPANIC - the Recline... of Mexican Civilizatino - 2001, BYI
The History of Rock'n'Roll / Southern California Brngs Me Down
NATIONAL LAMPOON - Music Issue - 1975, Epic
Fick You I'm Drink
LIFE-SIZE MEN - Up Yours... a Lot - 2016, Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Steve Kirkland (host)
HELLOOOOOOOO...... if you're out there listening, feel free to call or data in a pledge

6:24 PM, October 22nd, 2016
Dick Altavista
Killer show! more Jeb on CKCU! And it was perogies for dinner!

7:31 PM, October 22nd, 2016
Steve Kirkland (host)
Ooops (wow, more than an our-and-a-half into the show before a techinical @#$%&-up...), not Manic Hispanic... Goat... Goatfuzz, more accurately... might have to cut this one short if we don't get a call... 520-3920

7:32 PM, October 22nd, 2016
Steve Kirkland (host)
Still time to get your pledge in before the show's up... Thanks to all who donated!!!

7:53 PM, October 22nd, 2016