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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday November 7th, 2015 with Steve Kirkland

FUNDING DRIVE PROGRAM 3. My guest for this evening is Wally Salem, friend, longtime listener/supporter of CKCU-FM. Wally's the founder of local "label",the beautiful music (tbm), which, similar to this radio program, is a non-profit labour of love. tbm compiles, releases and promotes music by artists, local to international. On this show we discuss the importance of CKCU as a launching pad for artists unlikely to reach mass audiences or acclaim. We also play a few tunes that Wally or I originally heard on this station some time or other in the past.
I, Radio
the STEINBECKS - Kick to Kick - 2014, Matinée
Beach Ball and the Silver Frog (musical bed)
SKYTONE - Beach Ball & Silver Frog - 2015, the beautiful music Canadian New
Summer Fun
the BARRACUDAS - the Complete EMI Recordings (compilation) - 1990, Capitlol, originally recorded in 1980 Canadian
Honey Money
A FINE DAY FOR SAILING - 7-inch B-side - 2010, Vollwert
Beware of the FLowers 'Cos I'm Sure They're Gonna Get You Yeah
JOHN OTWAY - John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett - 1981, Polydor
the Color and the Sound
DOT DASH - Tremors & Ripples - 2015, the beautiful music
No Bleeding
the WILD SWANS - Peel Sessions - 1986, Strange Fruit, originally recorded in 1982
Pop is Falling Apart
the SOCIAL ICONS - V.A.: 15 Beauty Tips for Modern Music Lovers - 2012, the beautiful music Canadian
Music Business
the SOUND - Propaganda - 2015, Edsel, originally recorded but not released in 1979
Train to Nowhere (cover of Kevin Ayers Stop This Train)
the NO MEN - We've Got You Covered - 2014, Topplers
Have You Seen the Ideal?
BASKERVILLES - Baskervilles - 2001, Secret Crush
Sweet Jane (Lou Reed/Velvets cover)
the JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY - Cake City (compilaton) - 2001, Vinyl Japan, originally recorded in
Jackie O
SKYTONE - Live @ the Fishfry - 2015, the beautiful music Canadian New