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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday November 1st, 2014 with Steve Kirkland

FUNDING DRIVE Show No. 2 for this stretch of programming at CKCU. Halfway there, still a steep hill to climb to reach our goal. If you're listening live OR on-demand and have not yet made a pledge, call us (520-3920 or 1-877 520-3920 toll free within North America) or go to our homepage ( help to keep us on air for another year. Thanks for listening, but more importantly right now, Thanks for pledging your support.
varioius throughout
PAUL HAIG - Cinématique - 1999, les Temps Modernes
Paradise Girls
DEERHOOF - la Isla Bonita - 2014, New
JACK BRUCE - Songs for a Tailor - 1969, Polydor
Burnt Offering
BUDOS BAND - Burnt Offering - 2014, Daptone New
SLINT - Tweez - 1989, Jennifer Hartman Records and Tapes
Garden of Time
SYD ARTHUR - Sound Mirror - 2014, Harvest
Go to Work
SPY vs SPY - A.O. Mod. TV. Vers. - 1986, WEA Australia
Pulling a Train
SIX FINGER SATELLITE - Severe Exposure - 1995, Sub Pop
Harvest Home
MARK LANEGAN - Phantom Radio - 2014, Vagrant
Inside Out (instrumental)
BOWERY ELECTRIC - Beat - 1998, Kranky
Love's Other Side
BAXTER'S CHAT - V.A.: Local Customs - Cavern Sound - 2014, Numero, originally released in 1967
Smokin' My PIpe (the Sign Ain't Right)
A.J. ROWE - V.A.: Local Customs - Cavern Sound - 2014, Numero, originally rleased in 1970