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Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Saturday January 16th, 2010 with Steve Kirkland

Ortni/Kinda Roots/Celtrip
Apadoorai - V.A.: Musique Multi Montreal - Musique Multi Montreal, 2010 Canadian New
That's ALright
T-Model Ford - The Ladies Man - Alive, 2009 New
The Knitter
Cheri Knight - The Knitter - E-Squared, 1995
Dancing the Manta Ray
Pixies - 12-inch single - 4AD, 1989
I'm Watching You
Jay Reatard - Matador Singles 2008 - Matador, 2008
Jay Reatard was found dead in his Memphis apartment 3:30 AM Wednesday January 13. Original news releases cited, "natural causes." More recent reports have Memphis Police treating the case as a homicide...
All at Once
Liechtenstein - Survival Strategies in a Modern World - Slumberland, 2009
Da Da Da (Trio cover)
Elastica - The Radio One Sessions - Koch, 2003 (recorded 1999)_
The Jean Genie (David Bowie cover)
Fernando - Crash Course for the Ravers (David Bowie tribute album) - Undercover, 1996
Andy Warhol
David Bowie - BBC Sessions 1969-72 - BBC Enterprises, 1996 (recorded 1971)
James and the Quiet
Wooden Wand - James and the Quiet - Ecstatic Peace, 2007
I Was in Love with You
The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia - Sub Pop, 2008
Crack Teeth
Evangelista - Prince of Truth - Constellation, 2009 Canadian
Evangelista is Carla Bozulich and members of Montreal's A Silver Mt Zion.
Speed My Speed
Alain Kan - V.A.: Dirty French Psychedelics - Born Bad, 2009 (recorded 1977)
More on Alain Kan:
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and M Monkey (Beatles cover)
Kirstin Hirsch - V.A.: Instant Karma (John Lennon Tribute) - Uncut Magazine November 2002, recorded 1999)
We LIke to Be Frightened
Robert Calvert - Hype - See For Miles, 1989 (recorded 1982)
Amazing Baby - Rewild - ShangriLa, 2009
Fievre des Tropiques
Pagliaro - Pagliaro - RCA, 1974
Casting My Spell On You
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates - The Best Of - EMI, recorded 1964
You Do't Own Me
The Pirates - Out of Their Skulls - Warner Bros, 1977
Guitarist Mick Green died in London last week. He was a much-revered but little-known guitar pioneer, playing rhythm and lead simultaneously, something admired greatly by virtuosos otherwise unabe to carry that off (Wilko Johnson of Dr. Feelgood was a disciple, if not an ersatz MG...)
Punk Rocking Honky Tonk Girl
The Blue Chieftains - V.A.: Rig Rock Jukebox - Diesel Only, 1992
This Damn Nation
The Godfathers - Hit By Hit
Querida Querida
Os Mutantes - Haih,,, Amortecedor,,, - Anti, 2009
Lions After Slumber (Scritti Politti cover)
The Veils - Stop Me If You THink You've Heard This One (25th Anniversary Tribute to the Rough Trade record label) - Rough Trade, 2003
Clinic - Do It - Domino, 2008
Asylums in Jerusalem
Scritti Politti - Songs to Remember - Rough Trade, 1982
Mono Lisa
Butter 08 - Butter 08 - Grand Royale, 1996
Obed Ngobeni - My Wife Bought a Taxi - Shanachie, 1988
Crosstown Traffic/Little Miss Lover (Jimi Hendrix covers)
Gil Evans Orchestra - Plays Hendrix - RCA, 1974