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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday December 17th, 2022 with Junior Smith
More Dub, Recent Releases, Christmas tunes are here...

More Dub, Recent Releases, Christmas tunes are here... Reggae in the Fields ( Canada's longest running Reggae program on CKCU FM 93.1. 3:00-5:30 pm Eastern. Since 1976. Listen to the podcast by 6:00 pm
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
More Dub...
ending off program from last week
Havana Meets Kingston
Havana Meets Kingston Dub
Row Fisherman Row
Monty Alexander feat Prince Alla - Havana Meets Kingston
Fisherman Dub
Various - Havana Meets Kingston Dub
Vibracion Positive
Mista Savona - Havana Meets Kingston
Positive dub
Various - Havana Meets Kingston Dub
In the Ghetto
Mista Savona - Havana Meets Kingston
Dub in the Ghetto
various - Havana Meets Kingston Dub
San Miguel feat. Ernest Raglin - Havana Meets Kingston Dub
Recent Releases
Gonna Be alright
Carlton Coffie - Positive Transfusion Riddim
Don't trust Them
Stevie Malekuu - Positive Transfusion Riddim
The New Babylon
Wayne Armond - Positive Transfusion Riddim
Love Uprising
JC Lodge - Positive Transfusion Riddim
War A Gwaan
Luciano - Positive Transfusion Riddim
Mama You Worthy
Pinchers - Positive Transfusion Riddim
Mama Africa We Love You
Yasus Afari and Beres Hammond - Golden Spoon Maroon Project
What a Singing
Yasus Afari and Ini Kamize - Golden Spoon Maroon Project
Let Them Say
Bitty McLean -
Kranium ft. B-Love -
Feel Great
Iwaata - Strictly the Best 62
Money Power
Jah Villani - Strictly the Best 62
Intense - Strictly the Best 62
Yaksta - Strictly the Best 62
Just Like We
Jon Moon feat Reign Africa - single
Bronwyn - single
Christmas is here.....
Warm Jamaican Christmas
Wayne Wonder and Baby Cham - single
Joy to the World
Nikesha Lindo - single
Rich Man for Christmas
Lady Saw - single
Christmas in the air
Sanchez - single
Starting today
Beres Hammond - single
Christmas together
Kashif Lindo - single
Merry Christmas
Colin Roach and Malvo - single
Christmas Affair
Roman Stewart - single
Christmas in the Air
Maurice Gregory - single
Santa Clause
King Everald - single
Frosty the Snowman
The Mighty Diamond - single
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Such a great mix Junior!

3:38 PM, December 17th, 2022
Junior Smith (host)
Thanks Elorious

3:46 PM, December 17th, 2022
dub hillbilly;-)
Yup! Joy to the world! Peace!

4:51 PM, December 17th, 2022
woods to lake...easy to float on top of water now...;-)

4:55 PM, December 17th, 2022