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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday June 11th, 2022 with Junior Smith
Reggae in the Fields celebrates 46 years in your ears!!

Reggae in the Fields celebrates 46 years in your ears!! Reggae in the Fields ( Canada's longest running Reggae program on CKCU FM 93.1. 3:00-5:30 pm Eastern. Since 1976. Listen to the podcast by 6:00 pm
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
3:00 pm
Various dancehall
Various - Various
4:00 pm
Women, lovers rock, oldies all in one.
Secret Lover
Nisha K - single
Sylvia Tella - single
Something inside so strong
Marcia Griffiths - single
Stealiing love
JC Lodge - single
I don't know why
Tracy - single
Baby be true
Carlene Davis - single
The first work in memory
Carlene Davis - single
No I won't
Queen Omega - single
Never can say goodbye
Pam Hall - single
Can't stop loving you
Donna Marie - single
Two people
Sylvia Tella - single
I'll always love you
Pam HAll - single
5:00 pm
version - Joe Frasier riddim
dem man deh
Morgan Heritage - Joe Frasier riddim
never give up
Al Campbell - Joe Frasier riddim
version - Khaki Riddim
try it on your own
Jheanel - Khaki Riddim
cut dem
Mighty Diamonds - Khaki Riddim
no guns
Iyahshanti - Khaki Riddim
version - Khata riddim
All I say
Buju Banton - Khata riddim
heart half clean
Carleton - Khata riddim
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
Interactive CKCU
Happy 46th!
Happy 46th anniversary, Mr. Smith Thanks for the many years of your undeniably dedication, in providing sweet reggae tunes to the people of Ottawa, and around the world. We love, and appreciate you, and pray for many more years of you, sharing the sweet, memorable tunes of the beloved Island of Jamaica. well as the songs from various reggae artists located all around the world. Keep on keeping on! One love!

5:03 PM, June 11th, 2022
Shelley Ann Morris
Happy 46th Junior! Where was I when I first heard RITF? Doing homework while tuned in to the mighty 93. Since then, RITF has been the soundtrack of Saturday afternoon. 46 years strong! May there be more sweet Reggae music, information and inspirational words to come.

5:10 PM, June 11th, 2022
Gwaan Junior! A you Dat!!! Love the tunes, especially the Ladies /Lover's Rock segment; Marcia Griffiths, Carlene Davis, Pam Hall. It was nice hearing those 70s/80s tunes. ----------‐-------- The first time I heard RITF, I was in my aunt and uncle's van, returning from our Saturday grocery shopping, on Bank St. (The Caribbean stores on Bank St.), and also on Somerset St. - Chinatown. Blessings Mr. Junior Powerhouse Smith. Continue to put the Lord first, as you usually exhort us to do.

5:24 PM, June 11th, 2022
46 STRONG!! luv ya! Thanks for all the work!

5:59 PM, June 11th, 2022