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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday December 28th, 2019 with Junior Smith
OLD YEAR'S PARTY - 80 tunes in 150 minutes! FIVE Riddims Only. Forward to this dance.

OLD YEAR'S PARTY - 80 tunes in 150 minutes! FIVE Riddims Only. Forward to this dance. You can still donate for CKCUFM's funding drive at!, Saturday, December 28, 2019. (, 3:00-5:30 pm EST, Canada's longest running Reggae radio program (since 1976). The recorded on-demand program will be available at the following link by 6:00 pm EST (same day).....
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
Old Pirate Riddim
Old Pirate Riddim
various - Old Pirate Riddim
I Believe
Luciano - Old Pirate Riddim
Blaze The Fire
Sizzla - Old Pirate Riddim
Give Thanks
Gyptian - Old Pirate Riddim
Burning Fire
Lutan Fyah - Old Pirate Riddim
Bun Dem
Capleton/Ginger - Old Pirate Riddim
I'm Playing
Chuck Fenda - Old Pirate Riddim
Wicked Hafi Run
Hero - Old Pirate Riddim
Hold Di Faith
Tuggawar - Old Pirate Riddim
High Grade
Fantan Mojah/Merciless - Old Pirate Riddim
Micro Chip
Natural Black - Old Pirate Riddim
Better Must Come
Norris MAn - Old Pirate Riddim
Always True
Major Christie - Old Pirate Riddim
Overcome the Slum
Anthony Q - Old Pirate Riddim
Rainbow Eyes
Ginja - Old Pirate Riddim
Love Jah Every time
Dubi - Old Pirate Riddim
I-Kay - Old Pirate Riddim
Money Can't buy Life
Mystic MAn - Old Pirate Riddim
Free The People
Gandi - Old Pirate Riddim
J Lee - Old Pirate Riddim
Baby Love Riddim
Baby Love Riddim
various - Baby Love Riddim
Attached to Me
Capleton/Action K - Baby Love Riddim
Baby Love
Sizzla - Baby Love Riddim
Cock it Up
Elephant Man - Baby Love Riddim
Girl I Love U So
Richie Spice - Baby Love Riddim
Harder and Harder
Determine - Baby Love Riddim
Lukie D/Nitty Kutchie - Baby Love Riddim
In The Dancehall
Anthony Cruz - Baby Love Riddim
Johnny Was a Good Boy
Tony Rebel - Baby Love Riddim
Anthony B - Baby Love Riddim
Me Na Care
Vybez Kartel - Baby Love Riddim
One Ting
MAd Cobra - Baby Love Riddim
That Don't Matter
Tanya Stephens - Baby Love Riddim
Up in the Club
Lexxus - Baby Love Riddim
Who Would it Be
Chuck Fenda - Baby Love Riddim
Father Jungle Rock
Go Somewhere
Sizzla - Father Jungle Rock
Get Mean
Elephant Man - Father Jungle Rock
Vybz Kartel - Father Jungle Rock
One Pound A Day
Beenie Man/Cornell Campbell - Father Jungle Rock
Bless it Up
Luciano - Father Jungle Rock
Make It
Anthony B/Norris MAn - Father Jungle Rock
Gangsta Call
Lukie D/Admiral Bailey - Father Jungle Rock
People Cry
Utan Green/Chuck Fenda - Father Jungle Rock
18 Yard
Tony Curtis - Father Jungle Rock
Rock On
Junior Kelly - Father Jungle Rock
Virtious Woman
Ninja Man/Thriller U - Father Jungle Rock
True Love
Determine/Robin - Father Jungle Rock
No Change
Gregory Isaacs/Screechie - Father Jungle Rock
Ready to Ride
Anthony Crus - Father Jungle Rock
High Grade
Singer J/New Kids/Egg Nog - Father Jungle Rock
No Vacancy Riddim
No Vacancy Riddim
Computer Paul - No Vacancy Riddim
Morgan Heritage - No Vacancy Riddim
In Thea right direction
Glen Washington - No Vacancy Riddim
Cocoa Tea - No Vacancy Riddim
No Vacancy
Sugar Minott/Louie Culture - No Vacancy Riddim
Foreign Crazy
Tony Rebel - No Vacancy Riddim
Tears of Pain
LMS - No Vacancy Riddim
I Can Feel
Terror Fabulous - No Vacancy Riddim
Work it Out
Yami Bolo - No Vacancy Riddim
Feed Feed
Sister Carol - No Vacancy Riddim
Work it Out
Yami Bolo - No Vacancy Riddim
Mama Wooh
Lady G - No Vacancy Riddim
Sadiki - No Vacancy Riddim
Floating with the tide
Colin Roach - No Vacancy Riddim
Loving You Forever
Kirk Davis/Galaxy - No Vacancy Riddim
Show Her You Are
Stevie Face - No Vacancy Riddim
I Can't Forget You
Keri - No Vacancy Riddim
Troddin To Zion
Come Away
Luciano - Troddin To Zion
Zion Gate
Georg Nooks - Troddin To Zion
Virtious Woman
Warrior King - Troddin To Zion
Call On Jah
Ultimate Shines - Troddin To Zion
WHY did you Lie
Patchy - Troddin To Zion
Chalice Nuh Fi Empty
Pete King - Troddin To Zion
Love From Your Heart
Glen Ricks - Troddin To Zion
Wanna Take You Home
Glen Washington - Troddin To Zion
Half Pint - Troddin To Zion
L.U.S. T - Troddin To Zion
Eye Eater Shed
Supa Barry - Troddin To Zion
Chances Are
Devonte - Troddin To Zion
You Can Make it
Junior Kelly - Troddin To Zion
Forty Legs
Prince Mohammed - Troddin To Zion
Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
Interactive CKCU
disgruntled listener
It's called "REGGAE In The Fields" NOT "Religion In The Fields". If you want to preach find yourself a congregation and stop this boring, pedantic proselytizing. Shortest running reggae program in this household.

4:08 AM, January 9th, 2020