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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday April 20th, 2019 with Junior Smith
Easter Celebration, HELP Patrice Hall

EASTER CELEBRATION: Reprise program - HELP Patrice Hall and Easter celebration songs, Saturday, April 20, 2019. (, 3:00-5:30 pm EST on Reggae in the Fields, Canada's longest running Reggae radio program (since 1976). The recorded on-demand is available here by 6:00 pm EST (same day)..... YOUR HELP for Patrice Hall counts. See introductory text below Four Ways to Donate: 1) By e-transfer to 2) Donate by making an in person deposit to the following bank account set up exclusively for fundraising: CIBC Bank Institution: 010 Transit: 01106 Account: 7684339 3) Donate to Patrice's GoFundMe campaign here: (NOTE: a percentage of the donation goes to processing fees.) .30 cents per donation and 2.9% of overall funds raised. 4) Human Concern International (HCI) HCI will match your donation up to $5,000. You can donate here: These donations are eligible for a tax receipts.Please double check that you are donating to the page specially set up for Patrice’s and not the organization main page. Some call her sister, others call her friend, to many she’s a counsellor but I know Patrice Hall as being a fighter! For anyone else who has been blessed to have this selfless lady in their life, they’d know that she’s always one of the first people to lend a helping hand; yet, never asks for help or anything in return. She’s caring and strong and in the last year and a half has silently had her share of health and emotional difficulties. From having a lumpectomy to undergoing radiation, losing some of her hair, having brain surgery for an aneurysm, a complicated pregnancy and spending more than a month in CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) with her newborn son; this lady has sure been through a lot! With Patrice, nothing has been easy. Her health issues have always been complex, and yet again she’s faced with another rare condition, this time not covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plane) or private insurance. Patrice was born with Hereditary Spherocytosis (HS) ( a rare blood disorder that attacks red blood cells and bone marrow) as well as Ectodermal Dysplasia/ Anodontia ( a rare genetic disorder than can affect your skin, hair, teeth and/or bones). Some of you might have remembered Patrice undergoing several surgeries to correct how these illnesses affected her teeth and bones during a childhood and adolescent years. Although partially successful, over the years and with other medical challenges and treatments; her bones have become weakened and she requires a bone graph (osseointegration) in her face to support her upper mandible, teeth and cheek bone leading up to her right eye socket. Without this surgery, her bones will continue to degenerate and the damage will continue to spread eventually causing her facial structure to collapse, teeth to be lost and other parts of her face like eyes and nasal cavities vulnerable to deformity and injury.
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
HELP Patrice Hall
(see full introductory text to today's program)
Easter Celebration
Christ is risen
Lt. Stichie - single
Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
Garnet Silk - single
Without You
Singer J - single
Broken Vessel
George Nooks - Broken Vessel Canadian
God So Loved the World
Donna Marie - single
God is for me
Junior Tucker - single
God Alone
Jason Mighty - single
Hail Him
Papa San - single
Just Talk to God
Luciano - single
Alpha Omega
Ryan Mark - single
O Father I Love Thee
Luciano - single
Singer J - single
Jesus in the Middle
Jai Kingston - single
No Grave
Jason Mighty and DJ Nicholas - single
Praise and Worship
Busy Signal - single
Praise Him
Sanchez - single
Jesus is all I Want
Tamika Houde - single
Thank You Lord
Judy Mowatt - single
Teach me Lord
Judith Gayle - single
Bless the Lord Oh My Soul
Joshua Kesler - single
Jesus Will Be There
Barbara Jones - single
Jesus He's Coming
Alborosie - single
All for Jesus
Ernie Smith - single
To God be the Glory
Lynette White - single
Forgive them Lord Forgive Them
B B Seaton - single
If Jah is Standing by my Side
Tony Rebel - single
How Great Thou Art
George Nooks - single
Bring Me Down
George Banton - Jesus is Everything to Me Canadian
Oh It's Jesus
George Banton - Jesus is Everything to Me Canadian
Glory Glory
George Banton - Jesus is Everything to Me Canadian
Ride on King Jesus
George Banton - Jesus is Everything to Me Canadian
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
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