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Saturday July 16th, 2016 with Junior Smith
Interview with Glen Washington and Baby Cham

Glen Washington 

The musical career of Glenroy Washington, singer, songwriter and drummer, personifies the cliche; ”The race is not for the swift, but for those who can endure.” The triumph of Glen Washington’s endurance has been 25 years in the making. 
Like most successful artists, Washington evolved from humble beginnings. Born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica he is currently one of the most in demand artist in reggae music; this has come after many years of recording and waiting in the wings. In 1997, he released his debut album ‘Brother To Brother’ and, to date, has released 10 albums. Fans and critics alike say there is not one bad song in his catalog. 
Washington began his musical career in the early seventies as the lead singer for the group “Names and Faces.” He later became the lead singer in a band called “35 Incorporated” and learned to play the drums under the guidance of, then drummer, Joseph Hill. When Hill left the band, Washington filled the slot, and became a singing drummer. 
There are positive lessons of encouragement and motivation to learn from Washington’s experiences. His musical career is reminiscent of Boris Gardener, singer, bass player and bandleader who after 25 years in the music industry recorded the golden “I Wanna Wake Up With You.” In the same vein, it was thirty years after recording the classic “Black Magic Woman” that Santana went on to sweep the 2000 Grammy awards for the gigantic hit “Maria Maria”. 
Similarly, Washington made his first hit record “Rockers Not Crackers” in 1978 for the Joe Gibbs Record label; but he did not grace the charts again until the release of the hit “Kindness For Weakness” in 1998. 
Most music industry insiders would say that after 20 years in the business, it’s unlikely that an artist would release his biggest hit, but it has been proven again and again how speculative this business is. 
Over the years, Washington has recorded sporadically as a solo singer and extensively as a studio drummer and, has laid tracks for various artists. Simultaneously, Washington was a full-time drummer (sometimes singer) in several different bands, such as: The Avengers, The Titans, and Happiness Unlimited. With Happiness Unlimited he migrated to the USA to work with Stevie Wonder. The other Bands he played with are Calabash and Bands that backed Artists such as Leroy Sibbles, Shine-head, Junior Reid, Gregory Isaac’s, Sister Carol and the Meditations. 
After a short hiatus from performing; in 1997, Washington once again pursued his solo singing career by doing some recording sessions for Studio 

One’s, famed Producer - Clement Dodd. It was deejay-vu all over again with the release of Washington’s awesome debut album “Brother to Brother”. 
It seems the Studio One sound was launching another Artist career. However, it was a year later while recording for Producers Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling, which Washington hit with the classic album “Next To You.” It was marketed by VP Records and featured the hit song “Kindness for Weakness”, all tracks on this album are considered single material. 
From the resurgence of Glen Washington’s singing career, his smooth, raspy, bass voice has often been likened to that of Beres Hammond. Washington says, “Beres is one of my favorite entertainers, so I regard it as a compliment to be compared with him.” With the release of over forty singles and eleven albums in four years, Washington has established himself as not only a singer but, also as a gifted songwriter who penned his own songs. 
Other albums released by Washington are “Can’t You See” produced by Jah Life Records; “Think About It” for Philip Smart; “Number One Girl” produced by Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling, “Solitary Red Rose” for Ruff Stuff; “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” for Don One; “Wondering Stranger” for Coxone Dodd, “ Reggae Max” for Jet Star, “Free Up The Vibes” for Stingray and "Your Love" Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling. 
Washington said, “As a drummer backing other artists, I have toured the world, playing in countries like Japan, North, South and Central America, all over Europe and all the Caribbean Islands. Now I am repeating those trips as the featured artist, and it’s a great feeling to see thousands of fans coming out for my performances." 
Glen continues touring in support of his 2005 release on VP Records titled “Wanna Be Loved” and Glen Washington Most Wanted 2011 release by VP Records. 

Glen continued to make his journey a memorable one for all his fans, from Europe to the Caribbean, from his 2012 Europe tour to the Festival through the Caribbean Island. And not to mention the mother land coming up in September 2012 

Another Album was release July 2012, Produce by Zion High Production 1 to 2 Singles and Compilation per years. To date Glen Washington has 33 Album. 
With a great management team Glen Washington can only get better and to keep his Fans happy and enjoy the message he has to give to deliver to us all. 

Glen Washington a Grammy nomonie 2004 with his Wanna Be Love allbum also his 2012 newest Master Piece album, listed are some of Glen Music Awards 
 (Roots Reggae
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
Glen Washington
What More
Glen Washington - single
Holding onto Love
Glen Washington - single
One Day
Glen Washington - single
I'm Waiting
Glen Washington - single
One Of these Days
Glen Washington - single
Baby Cham
Ghetto Story
Baby Cham - single
Baby Cham - single
That Way
Baby Cham - single
Ghetto Story
Baby Cham ft Alicia Keys - single
Lover's Rock
Marijuana Pon di Corner
Mikey Spice - 3
Live My Life
Beres Hammond - single
Sizzla - 32
Jah Bless Me
Jah Cure - single
// - N018
Loving Jah
Freddie McGregor - 02
Love makes the world go round
Freddie McGregor - single
Call Me
Frankie Paul - single
Just Friends
Tony Rebel - 29
Gatepass to your heart
Freddie McGregor - 28
Baby Can I hold you tonight
Foxy Brown - 6
Dance With my Father
Don Campbell - 32
No Power on Earth
George Nooks - 30
Mr Greedy
Natty King - 33
She's Mine
Barrington Levy - 4
Archie Wonder - 30
Saving Myself
Glen Washington - 28
All My Life
Marcia Griffiths - 27
Luciano - 32
Richie Stephens - 27
Wings of Love
Trevor Sparks - 4
Get Ready
Frankie Paul - 4
Conroy Smith - 4
Bad Boy
Courtney Melody - 4
Baby Can I hold you tonight
Foxy Brown - 6
Baby Can I hold You tonight
Sanchez - 6
Stick By Me
Johnny P/Thriller U - 6
Red Rat - 34
Nato - 34
Everything is Alright
Anthony Q - 34
Strength of Love
Luciano and Toni Anderson - 34
Unconditional Love
Gentleman - 34
Chuck Fender - 34
Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
Sizzla - 34
Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
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