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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday September 26th, 2015 with Junior Smith
Interviews: Jah Light Records, Savage, Angela Stewart, Music Dropped into my mailbox ( ALBUMS Edition

JahLight Records is a Trinidad based record label. It was founded by CEO, Akeunde Pemberton. He was born on December 13th, 1983. He attended St. Paul’s Anglican School from which he graduated to St. Benedicts College La Romaine then moved on to a tertiary education. However, Akeunde from the age of 10 became a very rebellious youth in his home, community and even at school. Thanks to the grace of the Lord when many people did give up on him, God didn’t and at the age of fourteen Akeunde accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour which resulted in a total change in his life in a positive direction. It was the most important decision of his life. He would never forget how Christ saved him through his grace. And this gave birth to a strong desire to serve God and follow Him. Being academically inclined wasn’t enough for Akeunde. He had a deep longing to fulfill a more spiritual role, to undertake a greater purpose, the one that he knew he was assigned to. He just didn’t know what it would be and when it would be revealed to him. Touched and inspired by the voice of the God and the support from, family, friends and fellow artists, in February in the year 2010 JahLight Records was born; the name meaning Light of God. JahLight Records became known to be a record label functioning in the area of music production, promotion and artist management. That same year the JahLight Records team produced and put out their first project called the New Day Riddim, which picked up some momentum. One of the tracks off the Riddim by Trinidadian Reggae artist, Gounzman, was selected and included on Project Groundation’s ‘Down in the Ghetto, The Mixtape Album‘, which was released in digital and retail stores worldwide. Seeing the difficulties of the local industry the JahLight Records team set out on a path to help the local entertainers gain greater recognition. They began building relationships with labels worldwide namely, Dainjamentalz USA, One Harmony Records (UK), House of Riddim (Austria), Flow Production (Switzerland), Unity Hi Fi (UK), Makoka Production (Japan), Country Boys Foundation (UK), to name a few. Here they would help open up doors for artists by getting them on top productions from all over the world and with a strong link with Djs and Radio JahLight Records helped to propel the music unto the next level. From 2010 to 2015 the JahLight Records team has released many projects. Some of notable mention include the Mount Zion I Riddim, the Seize the Day Riddim, the gigantic Passover Riddim, King Solomon’ Worthy to be Praised EP and Matthew Greenidge’s full length album entitled ‘Jah Rules Over All (which received an Itunes special feature together with being published in the Jamaica Star). The team has worked with many artists during this period worldwide including Queen Omega, Vybrant, Fyakin, Jah Van I, Zebulun, Orlando Octave and more. In 2013, the Label took a turn for the better when they recognized God’s calling for the label to go more Gospel. God wanted more of the team they came to realize. So after much praying and fasting it was confirmed that God’s will was for the team to reach a lost and dying world with what can really save them, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This new step spawned many excellent projects including the Lamb of God Riddim (which was their first Gospel Reggae project released), the Resurrection Riddim, the Jehovah Riddim, Kwesi Fontinelle’s Reconciliation EP and the Royal Majestic Riddim to name a few. In the Gospel Reggae arena JahLight Records have worked with many of the genre’s bright stars including Gospel Reggae veteran, Koen Duncan, Jah Kiley, Silent Sah, Bevil Joseph, Jay Square, Da Gospel Diva and more. Currently signed to digital distributors, the Orchard and New York Based, Fox Fuse, the JahLight team aim to broaden their horizon and explore new ideas, all in an effort to get the message of Christ out to the masses. ‘Our aim is to fulfill the duty that Christ gave unto us, it’s that simple. We want the world to know that Christ died for their sins so they don’t have to perish. Salvation is a free gift given once and for all that would receive it. Christ did it for me and He can do it for you too. As ambassadors of Christ we plan to do our part by gathering the lost sheep of this world and by fighting against the evil of this world. God has given us so many ways to do this. Music is one and it is one of the most powerful tools to fulfill this work.’ The JahLight Records team is one driven by purpose, they are intent on shining a light on those out there that are being unnoticed and deserve the opportunity musically, giving them that chance to shine. Do look out for a brighter day with JahLight Records around. For when Jah light shines, it touches the soul, ignites and starts an ever burning fire. For More Info Contact: Akeunde Pemberton Phone: 1 868 392 1025 Email: Facebook: Twitter: @jahlight Soundcloud: (Source: Jahlight Records)
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
Music Dropped into my mailbox at
Angella Stewart
A little Love
Angella Stewart - single
Good Good Lovin
Angella Stewart - single
Moonlight Lover
Angella Stewart - single
Tonight is the night
Angella Stewart - single
Can i have this dance
Angella Stewart - single
Jahlight Records (Trinidad and Tobago)
with Akeunde Pemberton, producer, Jahlight Records
3:30 pm
New Day
Mr. Royal - New Day
Shine your light
Isaiah Ace ft Mixture - New Day
What Monkey See
Gouzman - New Day
High High
Fyakin - Passover
Queen Omega - Passover
Petty Thief
Jah Servant - Passover
Nah Light must shine
Roxy Sing - Passover
Worthy to be Praised
King Solomon - Worthy to be Praised EP
I Know
King Solomon - Worthy to be Praised EP
Akeunde Pemberton - Spoken Word
Still Got to give Praise
Matthew Greenidge - Nah Rule Over All Album 2013
Never Forget my king
Matthew Greenidge - Nah Rule Over All Album 2013
Jesus Christ
King Solomon - Lamb of God riddim
One Man Alone
Bevil Joseph - Lamb of God riddim
Berhane Slassie
Berhane Selassie - Resuurection riddim
Righteous - Resuurection riddim
Step out in Faith
Kwesi Fontinelle - Resuurection riddim
Savage (Jamaica)
Savage - single
Culu Culu
Savage - single
Recent Releases (singles)
Gimme Way
Capleton - single
She Feh
Ding Dong - single
That Day will Never Come
Lady Saw - single
In My Bed
Gyptian - Single
Boom boom
Shaggy - Single
Wine A Boom
Beenie Man - Single
One T-Shirt
Vybz Kartel ft Jonah - single
Whine fi di Money
Mr Vegas ft. Ikel Marvlus - Single
Tooth Ache
Future Fambo - single
Gyal Cock Up
Konshens - single
Grappy Ranks ft Bridgez - single
Papers Trail
Kaledo - single
Lasting Prayer
Christopher Martin - Dark Temptation
Nuttin Funny
Beenie Man - Dark Temptation
Gal Yu Sexy
Mavado - Dark Temptation
Walk Good
Alaine - Dark Temptation
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
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