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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday May 23rd, 2015 with Junior Smith
Veterans in Action - Part 1/2

Veterans in Action Reggae in the Fields begins a two part series to feature some of Ottawa's veteran DJs. Each DJ was asked to select their top 10 Reggae songs (of all time?)! Listen to hear which tunes they have selected. Today Lloydie Dread and Harry Next week, May 30: Professor, Alec and Mikey.
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabii - Spoken Word
I'm A Conquerera
Fyakin - single
Ghandi - single
God of our Fathers
Glen Washington - single
Little Hero - single
Broken Hearts
Menny More - single
Oh Johnny
Perfect - single
Coming Home
Phillip Fraser - single
Conquering Lion
Pressure - single
Veterans in Action
Lloydie and Harry
Lloydie's list of top 10 Reggae songs
Harry's list of top 10 Reggae songs
RITF continues....
DJ Juglin
Dean Fraser - single
Amazing Song
G Blunt - single
She's that Girl
Tarrus Riley - single
Week in My Knees
DeJah - single
Mr. Vegas - single
Watch Over Me
Natel - single
Dem Wicked
Nicky B - single
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
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