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The Back 40

The Back 40
Saturday November 28th, 2020 with Ron Moores
Remembering Ron Hynes: December 7, 1950-November 19, 2015 November 28, 2020

Selections of his music, including interview clips.
Sonny's Dream
Ron Hynes - Singalongs and Shanties Canadian
If I Left You Alone With My Heart
Ron Hynes - Cryer's Paradise Canadian
Man of a Thousand Songs
Man of a Thousand Songs - Cryer's Paradise Canadian
St. John's Waltz
Ron Hynes - Face to the Gale Canadian
Dark River
Ron Hynes - Christmas Catalogu/Sandcastle Sessions Canadian
Where Does Love Go Wrong
Ron Hynes - Self-titled Canadian
Ron Hynes - CBC Interview with Gian Ghomeshi Canadian
Tickle Cove Pond
Ron Hynes - Another Time: The Songs of Newfoundland Canadian
Interactive CKCU
l Coyote
That feckin' Roy Hayes, what a troubadour, eh? Mister man dear, I'll be tellin' ya'... buddy was some jeezus fine county singer, songwritin' storytellin' fool. 'Dark if ya' got it, light if ya' don't' "What the hell! I'm goin' 30 for 60," Let the night swell... Mahalo ~ l Coyote

12:44 PM, November 28th, 2020
Ron Moores (host)
Hey Coyote, glad you tuned in and enjoyed that - wudda sure played "30 for 60" had I more time...why not a genius (Hynes) stealing genius (Al Pitman) - feckin' brilliant eh !

1:04 PM, November 28th, 2020
l Coyote
Say Hey Monsieur Moores Genius (RH) 'collaborating' with genius (Al P), certainement! If it makes the work better, it ain't stealin'... it's just gettin' it right, with enhanced feelin'. Er... makin' sure it's dead feckin' brilliant. "Genius, all over the world, stands hand in hand, and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round." ~ Herman Melville Keep up the ace wireless works, bucko. Mahalo ~ l Coyote PS: Glad to see that the community radio station of 93.1 eclectic sensation, hit its fundraising mark.

11:35 AM, December 4th, 2020