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The Back 40

The Back 40
Sunday May 30th, 2010 with Ron Moores
Tribute to Doug Cowden; New Releases

Ron and Rich McCarthy pay tribute to the late Doug Cowden and his childhood sweetheart Audrey Trudeau.
The Foggyhogtown Boys - Scotch and Sofa - Canadian New
Terry Penny - Town That Time Forgot - Canadian New
Marathon, including: Love Please Come Home; Nine Pound Hammer; Shackles and Chains; Live and Let Live;
Roland White - I Wasn't Born to Rock 'n Roll New
Staying Together
Gene Watson - A Taste of the Truth New
Die Gedankun Sind Frei
Delf Maria Hohmann - Permission from the Artist Canadian
Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
Richard McCarthy and Ron Moores - "Live" in the studio - or ca Canadian
Watson's Cove
Ben Greene - On Watson's Cove New