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The Back 40

The Back 40
Saturday July 6th, 2013 with Ron Moores
Showcase: Valley Bluegrass Festival

Valley Bluegrass Festival Promoter Bob Johnston visits to showcase the annual Valley Bluegrass Festival in Renfrew, Ontario.
Storm Clouds Over Manassas
Nothin' Fancy - Nothin' Fancy/self-titled
Longneck Blues
Dick Smith/Michael O'Reilly BAnd - On The Town
Not Knowing Who You Are
Bluegrass Edition - Diamond
Waltzing With You
C-Denny Band - Single Canadian New
American Drive -
Cabin on a Mountain
Shadow River - Shadow River Bluegrass Band website New
The Stevens Family - Stevens Family website
Home in Heaven
Bob and Billie Sue Goff and Mill Run - Self-titled