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The Back 40

The Back 40
Saturday May 25th, 2013 with Ron Moores
Peter Dawson

Peter Dawson
Tarte aux Bluets
Peter Dawson - Re-Pete Performance Canadian
Let The Big Dog Eat
Jim Van Cleve - No Apologies New
Life in the Finlane Woods
Al Cherny - Al Cherny "Live" Canadian
Dance of the Old Swamprat
Peter Dawson - Hey Diddle Diddle New
Spanish twostep
Buddy Spicher - Nashville Fiddler
Gatineau River
Peter Dawson - Peter Dawson "Live" at CKCU Canadian
Peter Dawson - Peter Dawson: Hey Diddle Diddle Canadian
Litttlr Liza Jane
Peter Dawson - "Live" Canadian
Interactive CKCU
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6:11 PM, September 27th, 2013
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