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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 28th, 2012 with Chopper McKinnon
Sarah Burnell; Julie Element; Gillian Moranz

Bait Bass and Beer
Tamarack - Between the Rideau and the St. Lawrence Canadian
The Wayward Wind
Russell Levia - The Wayward Wind Canadian
Oh Radio
JP Cormier - Somewhere in the Back of My Heart Canadian
Turning into Beautiful
Ferron - Turning into Beautiful Canadian
Karyn Ellis - Even Though the Sky Was Falling Canadian
Just a Walk Tonight
Kat Goldman - Gypsy GIrl Canadian New
All of the Above
Anthony Toner - A Light Below the Door
Everybody Warned Me
Bill Morrissey - Inside
Paper Crane
David Ross MacDonald - Knuckled Brass and Bone
Not What You Think It Is
Dan Mangan - Postcards and Daydreaming Canadian
The White List
Come On Up to the House
Missy Burgess - Pour Me a Song Canadian
Sittin' in the Kitchen
Bob Snider - Caterwaul and Doggerel Canadian
St. James
Kobo Town - Independence Canadian
Interview with Gillian Moranz