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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 21st, 2012 with Chopper McKinnon
Laura Rayner; Lindsay Ferguson

Merci Beaucoup
Anthony Toner - The Duke of Oklahoma & Other Stories
Canadian Spaces
Bill Garrett - Seems To Me Canadian
My Buck Owens Record
Steve Stacey and the Stump Splitters - Tall Tales, Fibs & Outright Lies Canadian
Brock Zeman - Cold Winter Comes Back Canadian
Rodeo Rose
Fred Eaglesmith - From the Paradise Motel Canadian
Glen Hornblast - Once in a Blue Moon Canadian New
Feel Like Running
Brian Bourne - Stick with Me Canadian New
Oh Radio
J.P. Cormier - Somewhere in the Back of My Heart Canadian
Fourth of July
David Francey - The First Set: Live from Folk Alley Canadian
Anthony Toner - The Duke of Oklahoma & Other Stories Canadian
Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell - For the Roses Canadian
Interview with Laura Rayner from Mother Tongue Books
Let Us Go Laughing
Bruce Cockburn - High Winds, White Sky Canadian
Lindsay Ferguson performing live in the studio
Sky 'n Me
Lindsay Ferguson - Monkeys Under Stars Canadian
Calling Out Your Name
Suzie Vinnick - Live at Bluesville Canadian
Send Me Somebody To Love
Suzie Vinnick - Me 'n' Mabel Canadian
Tears of a Thousand Years
David Bradstreet - Lifelines Canadian
Gnostic Serenade
Dancing Alone - Bill Stevenson Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Hey Chopper/Chris, listening in this morning -- the whole family is here and we are getting to work on some much needed renovations. Yes Canadian Spaces is playing in the backgroud--great music bor a busy day.

10:50 AM, July 21st, 2012
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