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Canadian Spaces
Saturday March 11th, 2023 with Anne-Marie Brugger
Focusing on the diversity of Canada's folk music scene and celebrating Int'l Women's Day through the music of our talented womxn.

Today we speak with Indigenous Oji-Cree story-teller, singer and songwriter, Aysanabee, who credits his success in no small part to the women-owned label, Ishkode. We also talk to multi-media artist, Shawna Caspi about her latest album and projects. Our French segment features, Marie-Clo.
Woman With No Face
Cots - Canadian
Adrian Sutherland - Canadian
Smoke and Fire
Karen Morand and the Bosco Boys - Ghost Hotel Canadian
Your Love
Julie Corrigan - Canadian
The Best that I can
Emma Lamontagne - Uncomfortable Eye Contact Canadian
Hanora - Canadian
Here's To The Women
Mimi O'Bonsawin - Canadian
Afternoon Bike Ride - Canadian
Blinding Llights
Abigail Lapell - Canadian New
Tight Shipwreck
Libby and Cal - If you’ve Given up on love, then let’s call it something else Canadian New
Libby and Call will join John Allaire today at Quinn's (on Bank St.) from 3 to 5 pm
Bad Addiction
The Matinee - Canadian New
Lay Low Shadow
Shawna Caspi - Hurricane Coming Canadian
Spirit of Rasputin's presents Shawna Caspi
with Sarah Hiltz, and opener Khloe B
Sunday, March 19 at 2:00 pm
Westboro Masonic Hall
430 Churchill Ave. N., Ottawa
Tickets $25 at
Hold The Light
Shawna Caspi - Hurricane Coming Canadian
Retching in the Wings
Sarah Hiltz - Calm Fury Canadian
Jill Barber - Homemaker - Outiside Canadian New
Between Myself and Love
Jamieson Mackay - Like a Spring Canadian New
Interlude 1
Aysanabee - Watin Canadian
Ego Death
Aysanabee - Watin Canadian
Aysanabee - Watin Canadian
Soleil des loups
Marie Clo - Beau Nectar - Two Lips Canadian New
Leve tes voiles
Marie Clo - Shell(e) Canadian
Better Days Ahead
Kate Weeks - Better Days Ahead Canadian New
Kate Weekes releases her album 'Better Days Ahead' alongside Christine Graves as she releases her album 'Everyday Life' Coffee, tea and baked goods provided by the Table (by donation)
Sun, Mar 12 @ 2:00PM Maberly Hall, 180 Maberly Elphin Rd., Maberly, ON
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Anne-Marie, Listening in from home on the ‘old fashioned’ radio. I don’t know if anyone else is hearing this but I am hearing a kind of a ‘hum.’ It started when you were talking and introducing the show and it’s persisting now that the music is playing. Is anyone else hearing it?

10:15 AM, March 11th, 2023
Anne-Marie Brugger (host)
Thansk for tuning in Shelley-Ann. We have received that feedback from a few listerners. The engineers are working on it.

10:26 AM, March 11th, 2023
Dave A
Yes that is correct, hopefully resolved ASAP

10:33 AM, March 11th, 2023