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Canadian Spaces
Saturday April 30th, 2022 with Carolyn Sutherland, Kathy Kennedy, Arthur McGregor and Chris White
Gil's Hootenanny, James Keelaghan, Jennifer Noxon

Gil's Hootenanny, James Keelaghan, Jennifer Noxon
Hour 1: Kathy Kennedy presents 40 minutes of uninterrupted sing-along songs of hope and protest from musicians who have participated in Gil's Hootenanny over the years. This year's event is an in-person gathering at the RA Centre in Ottawa on Sunday, May 1 at 2:00 pm; tickets are $10. For information, see
Let Me Rise
Eve Goldberg - A Kinder Season Canadian
Light of a Much Brighter Kind
Mark Evenchick - Incident at the Hang Dog Saloon Canadian
Something Beautiful
Lynn Miles - Fall for Beauty Canadian
Come On Up to the House
Missy Burgess - Pour Me a Song Canadian
Circle Of Song
Tony Turner - A Matter of Time Canadian
God Bless Us Everyone
Maria Dunn - For a Song Canadian
Singing For Viola
Chris White - Constitution Canadian
Moonfruits - . Canadian
Wayfaring Stranger
Kate and Hollis - The Last Chore Canadian
Freight Train
Maria Hawkins - . Canadian
Never No More
Terry Tufts - Transparent Blue Canadian
Sisters In Spirit
Elizabeth Riley Band - . Canadian
Gathering Storm
James Keelaghan - History: The First 25 Years Canadian
Hour 2: Jennifer Noxon describes a very interesting fundraiser for Ukraine taking place this afternoon (Saturday) in Almonte. Her art and music website is For information about the fundraiser, see Mississippi Mills for Ukraine on Facebook, or email Tickets and donations at
Tall Pines
Jennifer Noxon - Canadian
The Other Side of Winter
Jennifer Noxon - Canadian
Carolyn Sutherland and Arthur McGregor chat with James Keelaghan who will be featured in this year's edition of Gil's Hootenanny.
Hillcrest Mine
James Keelaghan - Small Rebellions Canadian
Woodsmoke and Oranges
James Keelaghan - Home Canadian
Never Gonna Stop This Train
James Keelaghan - A Recent Future Canadian
Walk On
James Keelaghan - unreleased Canadian
Just A Letter
James Keelaghan - unreleased Canadian
Christophe Elie, host of 'Songs For The Revolution' on CKCU (Tuesday mornings at 8) describes an event at the Shenkman Centre in Orleans this afternoon (Saturday, April 30) from 2 to 4 pm that will bring visual artists and activists together around the topic of climate change. For information, contact Christophe Elie at
Seize The Moment
Christophe Elie - Bridging Borders Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tony Turner
I’m enjoying the discussion with James, Arthur and Carolyn this morning. Listening with my morning coffee. Hi to all!

11:41 AM, April 30th, 2022
Hi. Sadly, no Just Voices this year. of Elage Mbaye and Carmel Whittle to the Hoot Band with Mark Evanchick, Debbie Rubin. Tamara Levine and Arthur. A traditionbdgun by Chris White.c

11:45 AM, April 30th, 2022
Return of...Elage and Carmel. Lol

11:46 AM, April 30th, 2022
National Union NUPGE
great show! good to remember Bro Levine! What a guy!

11:46 AM, April 30th, 2022
Tony Turner
…and have fun playing Gil’s tomorrow…

11:52 AM, April 30th, 2022