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Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 22nd, 2022 with Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White
Lynn Miles

Juno Award winner Lynn Miles talks about her upcoming album and the online concerts she's performng every Saturday this month -- see
Hour 1: '40 minutes of uninterrupted folk' selected by Carolyn Sutherland.
A Good Dog Is Lost
Ron Hynes - Get Back Change Canadian
What We Leave Behind
The East Pointers - What We Leave Behind Canadian
The Spaces In Between
Amanda Rheaume - . Canadian
Bamel (feat. Jorane)
Elage Diouf - Wutiko Canadian
Bouillir d'la misère
Émilie Landry - Arroser les fleurs Canadian
Dana Sipos - The Astral Plane Canadian
Still Waters (feat. Matt Andersen)
The Hello Darlins - Go By Feel Canadian
Just Like Paris
Campbell Woods - Fool For You #1 EP Canadian
The East Pointers - Wintergreen - Single Canadian
Joyful Motherfuckers
Allison Russell - Outside Child Canadian
Emma Stevens - , Canadian
Ron Hynes - Snowbird - The Songs of Gene M... Canadian
We Are Not Alone
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - We Are Not Alone
Hour 2
Moon In The Maples
Ian Tamblyn - Days Of Sun And Wind Canadian
Ian Tamblyn - Side By Each Canadian
Carolyn and Chris engage in a 'song swap'!
Song About A Tree
Greg Kelly - Canadian
On the Main
Ray Bonneville - On The Main Canadian
Three Bills
Annie Gallup - Swerve Canadian
No Fool For Trying
Madison Violet - No Fool For Trying Canadian
Interview with Lynn Miles
Restless With No Place To Go
Lynn Miles - We'll Look For Stars Canadian
The Heart Can Only Take So Much
Lynn Miles - We'll Look For Stars Canadian
Black Flowers
Claire Lynch - North By South Canadian
The Heart Can Only Take So Much
Lynn Miles - We'll Look For Stars Canadian
Look Up
Lynn Miles - We'll Look For Stars Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Opening with Mr. Ron Hynes is a GREAT show!!!

10:05 AM, January 22nd, 2022
t'was a great show!

12:01 PM, January 22nd, 2022