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Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 8th, 2022 with Chris White
Christine Graves, Dave Clarke, Terra Spencer

Dave Clarke's new album of solo guitar pieces, 'The Healing Garden', has been nominated for a 2022 Canadian Folk Music Award. Terra Spencer is preparing to release her third album and is participating in a new David Francey album. Christine Graves delivers some folk news and unveils a new song.
'40 minutes of uninterrupted folk'
The Eighth of January
Michael Jerome Browne - Michael Jerome Browne & The Twin Rivers String Band Canadian
For Granted
Christine Graves - Canadian
Is This The Way
Greg Kelly - Hearts Collide Canadian New
Nothing More
Jennifer Noxon - Sweet Canadian
Easy and Free
Vicki Brittle - One Love Canadian
Wooden Ships
Steel Rail - River Song Canadian
Something Beautiful
Lynn Miles - Unravel Canadian
Hello In There
John Prine -
Protest Song
Molly Johnson - Canadian
Big Yellow Taxi
Caroline Landry and Grace Pezoulas - Canadian
Pacing the Cage
Bruce Cockburn - Canadian
An important message from Bruce Cockburn about the alarming situation at the Central Experimental Farm in the heart of Ottawa. To learn more and to express your concern, see the Reimagine Ottawa website at
Canadian Spaces roving reporter Christine Graves shares some announcements and reflections.
This In Mind
Christine Graves - Canadian
Interview with Dave Clarke (website, known for his work with Steel Rail, David Francey and others. His recent album of solo guitar instrumentals entitled "he Healing Garden' is a 2022 Canadian Folk Music Award nominee.
The Healing Garden
Dave Clarke - The Healing Garden Canadian New
In The Falling Dark
Dave Clarke - The Healing Garden Canadian New
Prairie Lullaby
Dave Clarke - The Healing Garden Canadian New
Dave Clarke - The Healing Garden Canadian New
Across The Universe
Dave Clarke - The Healing Garden Canadian New
Saints and Sinners
David Francey - Torn Screen Door Canadian
Interview with Terra Spencer, website
Manitoba Maple
Terra Spencer - Chasing Rabbits Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Christine Graves
Thanks for making a space for folk premiers and hosting another great show on Saturday morning! Spaced out!

8:05 AM, January 8th, 2022
Randy macneil
Great show Chris,miss ya.!

10:27 AM, January 8th, 2022
l Coyote
Terra Spencer from sweet former home Windsor, Nova Scotia ~ the ‘Athens-of-Nova Scotia’ ~ the ‘Little Town of Big Firsts’ - an alleged (among others) ‘Birthplace of Hockey’ ~ undisputed germination place of ‘Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds’ - former site of some of the highest tides on our blue green planet. Alright! Er... as they’re wont to say Down Home - “Mister Man Dear, I’ll be tellin’ ya’!!” Ace show Chris. Big up! Respect! Christine Graves (pride of Graves Island-Chester, NS) And picker extraordinaire, Hochelaga homie, Dave Clarke. (‘A Thousand Miles of Snow’ is, in my view, the Anglais flip side/bookend to Gilles Vigneault’s iconic, ‘Mon pays c’est l’hiver’) Keep settin’em up and knockin’em down, Terra. Mahalo ~ l Coyote (A former Windsor wharf rat)

12:39 PM, January 8th, 2022