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Canadian Spaces
Saturday October 19th, 2019 with Christophe Elie and Chris White
Brian Côté, Tonya Price, Spencer Scharf, Rob Lutes

Tonya Price, former host of "Friends With Benefits" on CKCU, makes some music picks and talks about life in Fredericton! Christophe Elie selects and debriefs '45 minutes of uninterrupted folk', shares some highlights from the recent Folk Music Ontario (FMO) conference in Toronto, helps grill the guests, and performs live in the studio! Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Spencer Scharf drops by to perform some songs and share some stories. We talk with Montreal-based musician Rob Lutes who has released seven albums. He performs at the NAC Fourth Stage this Thursday evening, with Mike McKenna Jr. opening.
Interview with music photographer, Brian Côté.
Long Walk to Freedom
Stephen Fearing - The Secret of Climbing Canadian
Untangled Sheets
Howie Hooper - The Art of Procrastination
Piper & Carson - . Canadian
Snotty Nose Rez Kids feat. Tanya Tagaq - Trapline Canadian
Hidden Springs
Hundred Mile House - . Canadian
The Pairs - . Canadian
My Baby Don't Care
Madison Galloway - . Canadian
K'eintah Natse Ju
Leela Gilday - North Star Calling Canadian New
One Grain at a Time
Lynne Hanson - . Canadian
Make Up or Break Up
Jack Pine & the Fire - . Canadian
Sometimes It's Hard
North Easton - . Canadian
Interview with former CKCU host Tonya Price, now based in Fredericton -- Part 1.
Sardine Song
Old Man Luedecke - Easy Money Canadian New
Restless Heart
Rachel Beck - Qonute -- Welcome Chant Canadian
Interview with Tonya Price -- Part 2.

Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa Canadian
Interview with Spencer Scharf.
I Can't Hide
Spencer Scharf - live in the studio Canadian
Flown from the Past
Spencer Scharf - live in the studio Canadian
Interview with Rob Lutes (Montreal)
I Am the Blues
Rob Lutes - Walk in the Dark Canadian
Christophe Elie - live in the studio Canadian
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