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Canadian Spaces
Saturday April 6th, 2019 with James Stephens and Chris White
Part 1 of a two-part guided tour of some of the many excellent albums produced by James Stephens; interview with Oh Susanna

Chelsea-based musician and producer James Stephens plays tracks from some of the many fabulous albums he has produced over the past 25 years. The long list of people James has produced albums for includes: Kate Weekes, Shelley Posen, Tom Lips, Ian Robb, Ian Tamblyn, Jennifer Noxon, Alise Marlane Music, Pierre Schryer, Ann Downey, Tony Turner, Sheesham, Lotus and Son, Chris MacLean Music, Christine Graves, Andrew Hillhouse, Sam Allison, Jamie Anderson, Michael Ball, Julie Schryer, Audrey Bintisaparno, Brian Sanderson, Brian Guy Pickell, Missy Burgess, Robert Watt, Sally Robinson, Shane Cook, Sholomenko Gerry, Dan Sauvé, George Sapounidis, Chris White, Teilhard Frost, Terry McLeish, Nicholas Williams, Mondrian Jazzbass, Concession 23, Teresa Healy, Frank Cassidy, Gilles Leclerc, The Toasted Westerns and many more! James has already scheduled a second two-hour show to include some of the albums he can't fit into this one! We also chat with Oh Susanna who is playing a concert and doing an on-stage interview at The Record Centre (1099 Wellington Street West, Ottawa) on Saturday afternoon, April 13 at 4:00 pm to celebrate the 20th anniversary vinyl re-issue of her 'Johnstown' album. Website:
The Times They Are a'Changing
Finest Kind - Silks & Spces Canadian
The Birds
Ian Tamblyn - Voice in the Wilderness Canadian
My Father's Desk
Brian Pickell Band - Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes Canadian
The Spider and the Lovers
Alise Marlane - Room for Less Canadian
Old Man Winter
Jennifer Noxon - Watch As You Walk Canadian
Skinny White Male
Tom Lips - Made of Sky Canadian
Lift Up Your Voice
Missy Burgess - Pour Me a Song Canadian
Down in You Pockets
Sheesham & Lotus - Clear the Table Canadian
Fitted Sheets
Terry McLeish - Terry McLeish Canadian
Slan le Maigh
Don Kavanagh - A Dubliner and His Harmonica Canadian
Cripple Creek
Lotus Wight - Ode to the Banjo Canadian
Mother Love
The Toasted Westerns - Out to Lunch Canadian
Dobres Swing
Pierre Schryer - Melange Canadian
Cougar on the Mountain
Kate Weekes - Taken By Surprise Canadian
To Paploma
George Sapounidis - From Athens to Beijing Canadian
At My Most Literary
Beth Cahill - Hitching to La Paz Canadian
Here and Now
Chris White - Inner Voice Canadian
Old Friends
Frida's Brow - Frida's Brow Canadian
The Oggie Man
Jiig - Jiig Canadian
Walked All the Way Home
Oh Susanna - A Girl in Teen City Canadian
Interview with Oh Susanna.
Oh My Good Ol' Gal
Oh Susanna - Johnstown Canadian
Factory Girl
Bobby Watt - Watt Next Canadian
Steppin' to the Rhythm
The Vanier Playboys - The Vanier Playboys Canadian
Say, Darlin', Say
Concession 23 - The Walls Around You Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Bill Cameron
G’day Chris and James! We made sure to tune in...fwiw Chris O Susanna is sold out in Mcdonalds Cors next Sunday the 14th not this Sunday...if anyone has a ticket they can’t use call me eh. bill.martino18 at gee-mail

10:11 AM, April 6th, 2019
Bill Cameron
(And thanks for comin to our St Pats show Chris and Mary, as usual a mellow non-crazy vibe at Oak Canal made the whole St Pats experience easier. )OK back to my maple-syrup-season-brain-fog-morning.

10:14 AM, April 6th, 2019
Ann Downey
Great to listen to, thanks you guys, and to hear us blast in right off the top was very fun. Honoured to be on the list!

10:28 AM, April 6th, 2019
Tim Appleby
Sounding great Chris and James.

10:30 AM, April 6th, 2019
Fitted sheets are one of our favourites; comes to my lips every time we make the bed.

10:32 AM, April 6th, 2019
Doug McArthur
Great idea to highlight Jame's voluminous contributions. Everything sounds wonderful.

11:01 AM, April 6th, 2019
It IS possible to learn to fold fitted sheets! Motivation note: the sheets take up less space when flat as opposed to rolled up in a ball. The Method: Take one end, put corner seams back to back (one inside the other), and fold the edges (the part that tucks down) along end and longer side. Then fold up as normal. Easy! But it's a fun song, even though I dispute the idea of helplessness. Just think it through...

11:06 AM, April 6th, 2019
Mary Gick
Really enjoying listening to the show this morning - a truly impressive set of recordings. Enjoyed the diversity of the 40 minutes. Thanks James, and Chris.

11:14 AM, April 6th, 2019
Ann Downey
Yes, what Mary said!

11:22 AM, April 6th, 2019